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Monday, February 15, 2010 @ 11:23 PM

WMP: S4E21 - Three Days Rule
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LOL okay the title of today's blog is partially true but not entirely =) Today Kevin&Sonya .. and I went to Parramatta =] I should have been studying but I was looking forward to this outing since last year November >.> LOL So I JUST HAD TO GO ^^"

So Kevin and me were supposed to meet at Busby T-way at 8:30 sharp but Sonya called me at 8:20 and told me to meet her at Green Valley T-way. She said that Kevin was gna walk from Busby to Green Valley but somehow there was a slight misunderstanding and Kevin got on the bus to Green Valley ==" And so, Sonya told me that Kevin was already on the bus and that she'll would catch it with him. I said it was fine, I'll just meet with them at Parra =) So I caught the T-way from Green Valley 10 mins later, and did some study on the 40 min bus ride to Parra cos I'm awesome like that *angel face*

Anyways while I was on the bus, there was this chick sitting in front of me. She's not attractive attractive but you know I'm picky so yeah LOL ANYWAYS~ the point was that there was a creepy asian guy, about late 20's or 30's, just staring at the girl O_O The girl was prolly about 17 ? =/ I could tell she was getting a little uncomfortable .. and I was just minding my own business, doing my study notes when out of the blue .. "CAN YOU STOP FUCKING STARING ?" .. O_O *even the crickets shut up* The asian guy was clearly embarrassed and I was embarrassed cos I'm also asian =( But yeah, for the rest of the trip, he looked straight ahead, didn't even move =/ Feel sorry for him a little bit LOL

So I continued doing my work until we got to Parra, called Kevin and met up with him & Sonya at some surf store LOL We walked to D-Playground to buy some basketball stuff =] I WAS SO EXCITED LMAO I was hyped cos I had been looking forward to this outing for a while. Kevin makes the store sound so grand, so awesome, like it has everything I want in one little place ^^ But I didn't even end up buying anything from the store O_O It has alot of basketball stuff alright but none of the stuff I wanted .. =( Allen Iverson Posters ? None. Allen Iverson Sixers Away Jerseys ? None. And1 Landyards ? None. And1 white basic shorts ? None ? ==" NOTHING AT ALL =( SO PISSED OFF THAT I DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING ==" You know that feeling for a girl when you go in DFO and you come out empty handed ? THAT FEELING =(

We went back into Westfields and shopped around abit .. actually not really .. Kevin and I were on like a mini marathon while Sonya was going from one store to another LOL We played Follow The Leader for about an hour I think .. well it seemed like an hour .. but replace Leader with Sonya LMAO Sonya bought a lot of clothes, hats etc. Then Sonya let us go to Footlocker (LOL 'let us go' ? sounds like shes my mum xD) and as soon as I saw them I was like OMFG!

I apologise for the shit quality of my camera on my phone =( I want a new phone LOL But yeah, the LACES ARE PURPLE! THEY'RE FUCKING PURPLE! I think that was the deciding factor that made me wanna buy them LOL Yeah because they're purple =] God, I love purple *angel face* They're pretty hot huh ? I bought them for $180 =) Don't really feel like wearing them LOL Feel like displaying it on a cabinet in my room .. So nice these shoes =D Yes Kevin I'm trying to make you jealous =] is it working ? =P

Anyways that was pretty much all I bought, besides the $30 multi purpose training gloves that Kevin wanted to get for me but I said "its okay, but thanks for the kind gesture Kevin" =D After all the shopping, it was time for lunch. Initially we wanted to eat at Sushi Bay but they're working hours didn't match our hungry times so we screwed them over and ate at Hungry Jacks instead =3 I had an Angry Angus cos Kevin said it was better than the Maccas's one .. TOTALLY NOT TRUE BTW =) MACCAS ANGUS BURGER FTW! =D Sonya had sushi =] Then we proceeded to go home =]

On the bus ride home, a old lady sat next to me and kept talking to me =/ I didn't mind it at first cos you know I'm super nice and all =] But she just kept talking ^^" I was studying and she goes "Oh been studying alot now huh ? Do you carry a calculator with you all the time ? Or do it in your head like my daughter ?" I smiled and answered her of course LOL Sonya sent me a text saying "poor you LOL" but yeah I didn't mind it .. yet. Then I was getting a bit drowsy so I decided to try and sleep for a bit =] And just as I was about to fall asleep, she wakes me up saying "your phone is about to drop, don't want to be breaking any phones now do we ? *laughs" I smiled back .. and tried to sleep once again. Then she started waving this ring on her hand in my face, saying "I got this from my hubby for valentines day this year, *pulls out another ring* and I got this one last year. They are pretty aren't they ?" I smiled again and gave her some compliments ^^" Then she asked me if I had a girlfriend or not, where I was getting off .. I said around Liverpool and she full asks this random guy to wake me up before I get to Liverpool, which was really nice of her but she didn't have to >< Then she tapped her hand on my face and told me to sleep O_O" .. Not awkward .. LOL

So yeah, that was my story ^^" A mix of emotions but overall it was an awesome day =] Too bad Jess couldn't come though, the title of this blog might have been different if she came LOL But yeah, it was still nice with just the 3 of us =) Even though Sonya told me that I'm not allowed to come next time cos I shop more like a girl then she does LOL ^^" Anyways I'm go sleep now =]

Good night loyal readers, hope you had a great day yesterday for valentines day and new years cos I sure did! =D leave a comment .. *looks at Ro and thanks again for reading =]

ja ne =]