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Sunday, February 21, 2010 @ 3:57 PM

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been updating much lately but nothing awesome has been happening as of late so yeah, nothing to blog about. However, last night WAS awesome and thus, this post LOL Let me rewind it .. back to yesterday morning .. the day of the Tet Festival =)

The day started off as any other Saturday morning, woke up and went to pee =] Ate breakfast, and decided to try and finish off as much of the tutor homework (that was due that morning ^^") as I could .. I didn't LOL My stupid brother had an outing with his stupid friends at 10 but I had to go tutor at 10:30, and Dad wasn't gna make two trips so I had to go 20 mins earlier for him. We drove to Liverpool and looked for his stupid friends, of course they weren't even there yet .. *death stares at Jimmy* So we waited for his friends to get their asses to the cinemas cos Dad didn't wanna leave him at the shops by himself =/

As we were driving to Cabramatta for my maths tutor, mum called me and told me that I wasn't going to Tet Festival after tutor, but instead to my cousin Steph's place with my aunty. Pissed ? Hell Yeah >=( Tutor was okay I guess .. I should have ate more for breakfast, stomach was growling throughout the lesson =( This Jeremy guy let me play that puzzle game where you had to slide the blocks around to get the red block out on his iTouch (remember from Tony's birthday party post ? I'm sure Jess&Dalise remember it LOL) and well, let's just say .. he ain't ever gna play that game again after seeing me play LMAO

After tutor I bummed for about 15 mins, waiting for my dad to come pick me up =] Ate some sushi and went back to Liverpool to pick my brother up. My aunty was waiting at Iron Chef for us in the sun while we were at Liverpool, and my brother wasn't even out of the movies yet. I called him and he told me that his stupid movie wasn't finished yet but I didn't give a shit, Aunty was waiting in the heat while we gotta wait for your fucking movie to finish ? I dont think so. I raged at him and told him to come out now. He did it .. although reluctantly. Awkward silences in the car until my aunty got in the car. And I seriously take back what I did to my brother at the cinemas, I shouted and yelled at him cos I knew aunty isn't happy about being in the sun but for the next 20 mins of the trip to Steph's, all she did was complain about how late we were and how hot it was >=( Seriously, just be grateful we picked you up =="

So we got to Steph's and talked for abit, cos she lives all the way in Eastwood and yeah, its new years so we had to visit them =D It's always a pleasure to catch up with Steph cos we barely talk to each other nowadays and its a shame cos we used to be close as kids =( We talked mostly about school and what happens after school but yeah, she's really smart and has alot of information about stuff I didn't know .. but then again, there's alot of stuff I don't know ^^" We didn't talk for long cos she had English tutor and yeah, we had to make it back for the Tet Festival =] Overall it was still nice to talk to her again and converse about different things =D I did find out something amusing though, her family is the ONLY .. and much emphasis on the word "only" .. family .. wait .. ASIAN family .. there we go .. LOL that doesn't appreciate pirated things LOL I saw an actual DVD for the first time in an asian home and was like gobsmacked LMAO I offered her my collection of 'things' but she turned me down O_O It was like .. wow LOL But you know, its always good to see such honest people =] .. I just don't think that part runs in the family ^^"

So FINALLY the part about the Tet Festival at Fairfeild Showgrounds =) I got there at about 7:30 ish .. which was both bad and good I suppose .. cos Kevin&Sonya were gna be there earlier ? at about 3 I think ? =/ but Jess and that were gna be there at 8 so yeah LOL I met up with Jess, Dona, Tony, Tony W, Daniel&his girlfriend, Charlie, Van and Vincent and eventually found Kevin and Sonya =D We walked around abit, finding something to eat first =] Then Kevin&Sonya left at around 8:30 cos they got here early so went home early =S The rest of us went bumming around for abit just to check out the festival and stuff, I saw alot of people from our school LOL We were at the Dart Throwing place when somebody called my name out and who could it be but TIEN =) The one from Hurlstone LOL She was with Quyen, Justine, this other girl, John and Andrew. We talked for abit and I didn't see her for the rest of the night ^^" After bumming around, looking at all the stands, lotteries, etc, we decided it was time to have some fun =) We walked past this basketball game, where all you had to do was shoot a basket =/ I thought it was abit weird that it was so easy and thought it was rigged, the hoops DID look abit oval shaped =S But then, a random girl gets it in and well I guess that proved me wrong LOL I still didn't feel confident about it though but we didn't come here just to walk around ^^" Jess&Dona wanted to me to play so I paid the guy and shot .. *suspenseful music* come on what did you expect ? LOL I got it in =] No joke, here I'll show you what I won =P

I seriously don't know what to do with it, I didn't even wanna take it home with me ^^" I called Tien up cos she previously said "Win me something Allan~" LOL PLUS! She didn't think I could win something from the basketball game either >=) Guess I proved her wrong LOL But yeah, she didn't pick up and well nobody else wanted it so I had to take it home =3

I didn't play anything after that, the guys did though, they played the other shifty looking games like dart throwing and balloon popping .. wait they're the same game LOL Anyways we went back to play the basketball game again, I think the guy made $30 from just us LOL Jess paid $10 for 5 shots, she took 2, then Charlie, then me, then Vincent. None of us got the shot in but I felt shifty so heres what I had to say ..

Allan: Hey we still got one more shot left =]
BasketballGameGuy: What ? Didn't you guys take 5 shots already ?
Allan: No ? Here, Jess took one, then Charlie, then I took one, then Vincent. So thats 4 =)
BasketballGameGuy: Really ? I thought I saw 5 shots already =/
Allan: Narh we still got one more *angel face*
BasketballGameGuy: Oh alright then, here you go *gives one more shot*

LOL I'm so awesome =) We gave the last shot to Van, but he didn't make it either so yeah .. all wells I won something so =P

After that, it was like 10:20 or something so we decided to play Kim a visit =] She was working at the lottery place with her temple and yeah, we decided to help out =D We all bought a ticket and played .. round 35 =) Stupid catchy song LOL Always gets stuck in my head ^^" We didn't win but Dona didn't even get a single number LMAO After that, I went home =) And apparently I walked right past a fight and didn't even realise O_O I was wondering why there were so many cops around LOL

The rest of the group were going to go Oporto first before going home and when I got into the car, my dad was craving for Oporto too =/ LOL Mum asked me how my friends were going home and I told them by bus or T-way or something =S Mum was like it was dangerous to go catch public transport at such a late hour and offered the girls a lift home, which was when I realised she was just sexist LOL I was like "what about the guys then ? O_O" She goes "whose gna rape them ?" ==" Yeah my mum is weird like that LOL

Well hope you guys enjoyed the festival as much as I did =] I've never spent the Tet festival with friends before, only with family and stuff so it was really special this year *eyes water up* It was fun =] I feel like going again, you know to put that basketball game out of business LOL but I wanna go visit my grandma who fell over yesterday night, and I'm really worried about her now =( So yeah, I wish you guys a happy weekend and go hug your grandma when you get a chance ^^ LOVE YOU GRANDMA =D GET WELL SOON =]

ja ne =3