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Friday, February 19, 2010 @ 12:18 AM

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R.I.P 17/02/10
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So today I had my first tutorial lesson thingy, its like after school tutoring with a teacher for a particular subject and today I had Japanese. I wanted to do Biology on Thursdays cos Jess&Donna were in that group but Miss Prins wouldn't allow me to do so, because she said they were gna go over class work more thoroughly while Tuesday class were gna do some test paper-type questions for practice. So now I'm stuck in Tuesday class with Silver and Valentina, who I rarely talk to =( Not looking forward to next Tuesday *sighs .. But on a more positive note, Japanese tutor was surprisingly fun even though I was hungry to the days =( But Ms La was aware of that and she brought in some .. biscuits ? O_O I dunno what they were .. but they're like Crunchy Nut cereal but bite size =] They're called "Cluster Cups" or something and we had to "earn" them through playing games involving speaking in Japanese ^.^ It was really nice of her =] PLUS I GOT A LOLLYPOP! =D

Anyways after tutor, the biology class finishes at 4 but we finished at 5 so Jess&Donna had already left and I was left alone to walk home by myself *Titanic Theme Song Plays .. As I was walking home, I walked past a peculiar bus stop .. and it was peculiar only because there was a wallet there LOL Yeah it was an actual wallet, I guess someone must have dropped it ? =/ But I picked it up and looked inside .. now I KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS ARE THINKING >=( I wasn't looking for cash alright ? ==' I was simply looking for identification =) You know .. in case I know the guy ? =D But I didn't, and so I did the Good Samaritan thing and ventured to the Green Valley Police Station ^^ In my 11 years in Green Valley, I've never set foot within that police station O_O Weird huh ? .. Not really .. its cause I'm too good boy to be in any kind of trouble =]

So I went inside and the front desk was empty .. so I stood there and waited patiently. I stood there at least for .. 3 minutes .. before someone actually noticed I was there ==" She looked at me and looked back down at her work .. then asked a colleague if they knew what the hell I was doing at the front desk .. Yes I know I'm a good lip reader =D LOL Anyways so a lady comes up to me right ? She goes ..

PoliceLady: "How can I help you ?"
Allan: "Umm I would like to return a lost item =)"
PoliceLady: "Yupp sure, just leave it on the table"
Allan: " Errh .. don't you need my details or anything ?"
PoliceLady: "Do you want to ?"
Allan: "Do I have to ? O_O"
PoliceLady: "No you don't."
Allan: "Well do you need to know where I found the wallet at least ? =/"
PoliceLady: *Reluctantly* " .. where did you find it then ?"
Allan: "At a bus stop near James Busby High"
PoliceLady: " Okay thanks you may go now"

*PoliceLady walks off, doesn't even look at the wallet, leaves it at the front desk*

I felt like I was doing her job for her LOL I didn't realise the police force was so fricking lazy ==" I don't know what was going on but I was imagining filing out a official police report and shit LMAO Maybe I've been watching too much crime investigation shows *angel face* LOL But oh wells .. I did the right thing =) The good guy thing ^^ Aren't you guys just proud of me ? =D

Well I'm tired and I think I wna go sleep now =( Thanks for reading guys ^^


ja ne ^^