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Thursday, February 11, 2010 @ 9:32 PM

WMP: S4E1 - Do I Know You
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First of all ..

(specifically Ro xP)

I haven't blogged in like 5-6 days now, I didn't even realise LOL My last post was abit emo and I apologise for that. Some people thought I was too emo to blog LOL But I can officially confirm that it was the stupid rainy weather that made me feel crappy ^^" And to all you nosy people who commented on my last post, the 'you' I was referring to was .. *drum roll please ?* .. ERIKA =P .. well not really, you guys will just have to find out xP Got you good for a second there =]

Anyways the past week hasn't been much fun, hot every day after school, sweat pouring out like that Lynx commercial LOL But aside from the heat, everything is cool =) Remember that post a while back about me not knowing who/where to hang out with anymore ? Well I've decided to hang with Kevin&Sonya&Co at senior quad cos they talk about the most random things and its nice to see Kevin&Sonya, Stefan&Silver, Shaneel&Valentina cos they're all so loved up, its warm =3 .. okay not so much, Stefan&Silver .. or Shaneel&Valentina .. cos every time I turn around, all I see is ass groping >.> GET A FUCKING ROOM YOU FOUR!

LOL Here is a conversation that happened a few days ago ..

*Allan brings a can of tuna to school for lunch*
Rosy: I hate seafood cos they smell like vagina.
Everyone: WHAT ?! *Allan chokes on tuna while Kevin cracks up*
Emily: They don't smell like vagina ? O_O
Sonya: How do you guys know what vagina smells like ? huh ?
Rosy: LOL I didn't mean it like that, I just know what it smells like okay ?
Allan: It smells nothing like a vagina =="
Sonya: How would you know ? LOL
Rosy: Cos he had a girlfriend, he knows LMAO
Sonya: Kevin doesn't know.
*Allan ROFLs*

Yesterday we all did some eye tests thingy at school. We did it back in year 7, it was a collective study or something so they had to test again to observe the change or some shit ? =/ Anyways they put like 14 drops of something in your eyes to make your pupil dilated and make it easier for them to see inside our eyes .. yeah easier for them, not for us ==" The dilation effect lasts a couple days for some people and because your pupil is dilated, it can absorb more light into the cornea or something and yeah, everything becomes 100 times brighter T_T Our school's asian population had risen about 100 students for the last couple of days LOL Everyone squinting and shit, trying to block light from going into their eyes. Not funny. Every car was a silver car today and every junior and their fucking white shirts looked like a fucking rave party ==" I hope the dilation effect wears off tomorrows =( It's no fun being a vampire LOL Those damned eye drops don't even make me fly =="

Went to late night tonight, waste of time LOL Main reason was so I could buy new leather shoes for school, since I ripped my old pair. And in the meantime, I was wearing Kevin's Addidas Superstars to school and my dad thought I robbed someone >.> He questioned me about the shoes and after I told him that it was Kevin's, he got all paranoid and told me to give them back. Saying that I would have to buy a new pair if I ripped them LOL I was like " don't worry, Kevin doesn't care .. *shifty look*" Narh Kevin doesn't mind .. right ? O_O" *runs .. ANYWAYS~ I told Kevin about it and he says ..

Kevin: just tell your dad dw
Allan: you think I didn't ?
Kevin: lol I dunno, I haven't met your parents.
Kevin: .. sounds gay
Allan: hell yeah LOL

Anyways I bought a new pair and my dad wanted me to buy some basketball shoes while I was at it =D But .. no sales and they were all $100+ which was typical but you know me, I FEELING TIGHT =) COS I'M CHAT *angel face* Dad even wanted me to buy brand new Jordans too O_O for $160 something .. I was like "narh its too expensive", dad goes "jordun the good brand, of court expensive" LOL

Anyways on monday I have a day off so Kevin&Sonya and me are gonna go Parra to check out some shoes =) We might catch a movie too =] Will blog about that later ^^ Anyways its late, I should get going .. Good night my loyal readers, sweet dreams and thanks for staying with me even though I made you guys go through of changing my URL on your favourites list *angel face* C'mon you guys don't need to say it, I know you all favourite this page LMAO (big headed again .. I should stop .. becoming cliche LOL)

Something Barney Would Say
Barney: I think .. I'm going to go .. small boobs tonight.
Lily: Barney you're disgusting.
Barney: Lily .. they're people too.


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