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Monday, January 4, 2010 @ 10:02 PM

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Okay this will be the last post for dedications to friends, after this, I'll go back to my daily adventures =D But I just wna quickly note that Kevin, Edy and I went to play ball today, seeing as it was Edy's last day here in Sydney =( Kevin didn't play for long, but Edy and I stayed for about 5 hours LOL From 3pm to 8pm we played ball with others .. and now I cant feel my legs =( I got corked in the right leg by Kim in the warm up game, and played 4 hours injured I guess =/ Then my small toenail sorta split in half which adds on to my list of injuries =( And one more LOL Towards the end of the game, I pulled a muscle on my left leg which felt like a snap or a rupture, maybe I tore something =/ But I cant walk properly, thats all I know o0" I'll sleep on it and see what happens LOL

AHAHAHA Kevin xD Hmm .. I gotta say Kevin and I only recently became close, well I don't know about him, but I would like to think so LMAO not gay at all .. xD First met Kevin back in year 7, I was brought into his group by being friends with Jason and Vincent. We used to play soccer at lunch times, I remember we even played in the rain too LOL But regardless of our sporting passions, back then, I always had the feeling Kevin never liked me LOL He was in my roll call class ever since year 7 but he never talked to me (cos his too cool for me thats why LOL) You know what ? I'm typing this post up and I remembered something .. YOU KILLED MY UMBRELLA ONCE KEVIN! >=( LOL yeah, I remember .. you broke my umbrella on that fateful day xD BULLY xP Then I don't really know what happened, but in year 8 we talked, but only at school and it was nothing more than a couple words, and LOL he hasnt talked to me in roll call either xD By year 9, I remember he was in my English class, and OMG the tears from laughing so much I will never forget =D Kevin was nothing sort of a comedian during English, he would crack jokes all the time, piss Ms Larkhan off, GOD it was the best xD I still remember his famous quotes LOL

Kevin: "Hey you know what I want to be when I grow up ? A scientist =)"
*Everyone laughs*
Kevin: "HEY! Don't laugh .. its my dream"
*Laughter increases*
Kevin: *pulls the straightest face ever* "Am I laughing ? Am I laughing ?"

LOL! Okay its not that funny when you read it, but if you've seen Kevin do this then you know what I'm talking about =] There are others too LOL .. like "astronaut", "lawyer", "doctor" .. oh and and "prime minister" LMAO

Kevin has always been the sportiest person I've ever known LOL Naturally gifted in almost every sport that is known to man ^^ I even voted for him for "Sportiest Person" at the Year 10 formal =) To this day, I still don't know how SILVER got the award instead ==" It was rigged .. fo sho. Btw Silver is a girl's name if you haven't already noticed =]

During year 11 was when Kevin and I got close, we would regularly talk about basketball and basketball related stuff LOL I'm telling you, we love our basketball, we even give each other box scores on current games via text messages ^^ His like my TV guide for when games are on 1HD and I'm like Sports Update LOL To be honest, Kevin is really becoming one of the more closer friends I have right now =] Though there is only one setback with Kevin, and I really don't wna be saying this but .. I don't really trust Kevin's girlfriend, Sonya. Gee .. don't I sound like a jealous girl on the side, fighting for Kevin's love LMFAO Oh don't get me wrong, Sonya is an awesome girl and can make me laugh almost every time but I know Kevin and Sonya are like Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother, they tell each other everything .. literally everything, which is a good thing for them. And even though I trust Kevin, I cant tell him shit without Sonya knowing too, because I don't trust her. But that doesn't mean Kevin and I cant still be tight =) I hope Kevin doesnt tell Sonya about this ^^" But yeah, as time passes, I'm sure I'll learn to trust Sonya .. whenever that may be =/ But for now, Kevin owes me a date ;) to go buy some bball shit LOL

Okay I'll admit that Juntree and I aren't so close .. if at all =/ But he considers me as his closest guy friend even though he never comes to me for anything LOL I don't really remember how we met though I do believe it was through Lyn and Jenny 0_0 I sometimes get the impression that he hates me LOL I think his pretty sensitive, not like other guys, so he isn't used to the treatment the rest of us give to each other ? But he usually has his circle of girls to talk with but yeah .. back when Lyn was still at school, we used to be pretty close. Playing Bleach on DS, getting owned by Harry even though it was 3 on 1 0_0", playing table tennis together and watching Tony rage when Juntree beats him LOL They were good times =] Now that Lyn's gone, Juntree doesn't feel so connected to Harry and me anymore, at lunch and recess, he hangs out with the girls. The only time we talk is during class but yeah, I feel as though we're not gna get closer anytime soon =( But I cant blame him, the things Harry and the rest of us get up to are pretty boring ^^" We just bum around library and talk about random shit most of the time ==" Even so, I still look to Juntree for advice on clothes cos he seems like he has a sense of fashion ? LOL I don't know but anything to do with hair or clothes, I ask Juntree =] Juntree asks me stuff on Physics, English .. yeah .. but most of the time, I hear Juntree asking me "What should I wear this weekend ? T_T"

LOL What can I say about Harry ? He definitely is not the guy I would come to for advice on .. practically anything thats not animated .. but he is there for computer related stuff, and gaming LOL I have many great and funny moments with Harry with his sexual jokes and random attitude ^^ I still remember one of Harry's famous remarks Christmas LOL He talked to me on MSN on Christmas Day and said "hey allan , guess what? JESUS WAS AN ARAB LALALALALALA XD" LMFAO! Harry isn't really sociable, he enjoys spending time at home mostly, I think at one point, Lyn, Juntree and I all thought he was a vampire =) To this day .. we honestly still dont know LOL But yeah, I first met Harry at the library one lunchtime. My first impression of him was that he was somewhat of a figure here in the library, I mean he had a whole group of people around his table, and when I found out that he was actually the leader of the DS crew, I wasn't surprised LOL Harry used to bring 5 DS's to school, and hand them out at lunch so we could all play =] I became a regular at his table and soon we got closer, we played in most of our classes LOL English, Commerce, Maths, Science .. I cant tell you how many times we got busted but we kept on playing anyways ^^ We would play Mario Kart or New Super Mario Brothers but when I got my own DS, I felt like I was more connected to Harry LOL He saw me as a fellow gamer, probably cause I was better than the rest *angel face* xD And over the years, we've had alot of great memories to which we can still recall ^^ I don't see Harry much nowadays, only in classes, I randomly hang out anywhere nows, senior quad or bball courts or library. I don't know where I sorta belong anymore ^^" Its like I wna play basketball with Kevin, but at the same time, I want to study with Tony or talk about random shit and laugh our heads off with Harry but I cant do all of them so yeah =/ Anyways I see Harry as a friend I would like to have in the future =] Because I still owe him a paintball match and he owes me a glomp ;) LOL


Yeah I know, you wouldn't expect me to name Kartic out of all people right ? But I have you know that Kartic can be a great friend at times and I would definitely want him as a friend after high school =) Even though I don't have much to say about Kartic, I do have many stupid memories with him =] He was the first one in Harry's DS crew to get his own DS first then I followed suit ^^ He got a white one and I got a black one, and we still make racist jokes about that LOL I'll always remember when I first saw Kartic, he was the little brown boy with the split hair, gambling with coins outside the hall LMAO I remember that they used coins like Tazo's or something and try to flip the other one, and they played for keeps LOL Kartic bought lunch with his winnings everyday xD *sighs .. Kartic LOL Him and his stupid nicknames for me >=( "Yakuza-sama" or "Dai Lao" thanks to him, I hear those words at least once a day ==" LOL But yeah, he really is a nice person when you get to know him. He can be immature and joking all the time, but when times are serious, he really tries to help out ^^ Still, I have to mention Kartic cant play MT for shit LOL but good memories! =)


I know what you're thinking Jess ^^" You're thinking why did I put you last on this list huh ? Well this list doesn't go in any particular order cept I thought yours would be the longest so I put it last if that makes sense 0_0" Anyways Jess and I have always been good friends since year 8 =/ But like with Kevin, we only recently became close ^^ And also like with Kevin, this is only my opinion and I dont know if she feels the same LOL Jess and I never really talked much in year 7 .. in fact I don't think we talked at all 0_0 LOL But I knew who she was, I don't know why but I've always thought of Jess as the innocent one in her group 'fiveeOnliee'. She might seem harmless and innocent on the outside, but when you get to know her .. shes still harmless and innocent but that doesn't mean she ain't got no fire LOL We began talking in year 8 via bebo =D And as time went by, I began to like her =) I still remember how everyone somehow found out except Jess =/ I held onto that crush for a long time but in the end, I never told her anything cos I liked our friendship alot and I didn't want to kill it =( But when she got with Steven S towards the end of year 8, it was kinda painful but I was 14 back then so I guess I really didn't know anything anyways =/ I stopped talking to Jess for abit then, and even left the courts to go library for some time. And that was how I met Harry =]

But the next year, Jess and I were in the same English class and we talked again. I don't know about her but for me, it was still pretty awkward ^^" But during our English, Maths and Commerce classes, we would still talk and that reminded me of our friendship, which is more stronger than before. In fact, it was that year during an English class, when Jess asked me to buy her a rose for Valentines but I lagged it which led to Jess saying "oh come on, don't be chat! >=)" .. I was like " what does chat mean ? =/" .. and she was like "OMG you don't know what chat is ? AHAHA chatboii! OMG I'm gna call you that from now on ^^ " And that name has stuck ever since .. LOL I'm even getting that name on my Year 12 jersey =D

I've had many awesome memories with Jess during my time at high school and although we've had many ups and downs, I wont ever forget them =) Like the 14th birthday present Jess got for me (Converse bag that I've had for a long time until it died late last year) or the 15th birthday present I got for Jess =D or the time we went out to buy suits and went late night ^^ or when we went to watch Tokyo Drift or that Health lesson where we had to do this aerobics dance for an assessment LMAO =D Good times huh Jess ? =]

So like I said, we only recently become close. I think it was that epic late night that started it =/ But nonetheless, we talk alot more now and become increasingly close =] I've even given her my trust already, which is a good sign, seeing as only a select few have my trust =3 I feel like I can talk to Jess about a lot of things, although they're mostly family related stuff I think =/ Even so, I've come to her for advice on certain things many times recently and she always manages to give me some pointers or her own point of view =) Jess hasn't really confided in me for much things yet but its not like I'm hoping she has problems LOL Maybe she just doesn't have any problems right now ^^"

Anyways Jess you've been awesome to me this past month and I wna thank you for being there during "those" times =) Remember that I'll be here if you need me =D And hope you don't mind the stuff I talked about here =( If you do, please let me know and I'll edit it out ^^ And also remember you owe me an ice skating outing =] THANKS AGAIN COUNTDOWN BUDDY =3

*phew .. that took a while xD Anyways the people I mentioned in this post are the people I hope to still be friends with after high school and whatnot =] So yeah .. feel special! LOL I'm gna go bed nows =] I seriously cant feel my legs anymore =(

Night loyal readers and to anyone who actually read the whole thing, you are more bothered than me LOL But yeah, thanks alot =] It means alot to me that you can sit there and actually spend some time reading my blog ^^ THANK YOU!

ja ne =D