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Sunday, January 3, 2010 @ 8:55 PM

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Okay next up on the list is Tony N =D For those who don't know, Tony is my other best friend =] Although I don't mention him a lot, if at all, we're still tight ^^ We've been friends since year 2 but we never thought of each other as best friends until last year LOL We have a lot of common interests and that ranges from our tastes in music to even thoughts LMAO Every time I have a thought, Tony would be thinking the same thing .. unless if its something like "I need to pee" then .. maybe not ^^" Actually there was that one tim .. errhh nothing =3 Oh and we're both MASSIVE fans of How I Met Your Mother =) Tony can quote some of it better than I can LOL If you can believe that ^^"

Tony is a different kind of best friend when compared to Lyn. He isn't the kind of best friend I would talk to when feeling down, nor he is the kind of friend that I go out with. You might be thinking 'how is he even close to me ?' but I can assure you, Tony, whether he gives good advice or not, has been there for the most parts. I have endless memories of Tony, Laith and I during year 8 and 9, just fooling around and giving teachers shit .. all .. the .. time LOL Although Tony doesn't know anything specific about me like my favourite food or my favourite car but he does know alot about my tendencies and personality. He can tell what I'm thinking at times as he is thinking the same thing and he can relate some of the things I do.

I go to Tony for stuff like school and 'what should I do?' sort of stuff if you get what I mean. There are a lot of advantages to having someone who thinks alike you because they generally agree with your first thoughts and instincts. There have been countless times where I come up to Tony and tell him something, to which he would reply "Yeah I thought that too LOL" and vice versa.

During my time at high school, we've always been close but never best-friend close until one day, we both realised that we've always been there for one another, and to this day, I bet Tony still wouldn't admit that we're best friends cos he considers it to be 'gay' but don't worry, he ain't homophobic or anything, his just grown attached to that word LOL Tony refers to a lot of things when he says 'gay', he replaces words such as 'stupid', 'dumb', 'crazy', 'sucks' with the word 'gay' LMAO

Tony and me have been through a lot of stuff together, inside and outside of school. Though outside of school usually refers to tutor LOL I don't think I've ever went out in a group with Tony before =/ Unless it was after school, and we go Liverpool sometimes with Harry, Kartic, Juntree or Miah ^^" Tony isn't an out-going person nor is he very sociable but that in itself is what makes Tony .. Tony =] I admire his knowledge and how he strives to do his best for school LOL I also like his attitude towards Maths xD One time during English we had this student evaluation card thing, and one question was "What is one thing that you could say about studying English this term?" Tony wrote "I like maths better" LMFAO!

I think most people would remember Tony and me for having our arguments LOL Even though we think alike, there are also many times we disagree on things .. I'll admit sometimes I go against him on purpose to have an argument LOL Why ? You might ask ? Well if you knew the type of person Tony is, you would do the same xD Tony has the most cliched comebacks when in a verbal argument but Tony says it in the most unique way that makes it hilarious and it never dies out LOL Even when not arguing against me, maybe against other people he will use the same comebacks xD People like Kevin, Jess, Lyn should all know what I'm talking about ^^

Theres not much else to tell about Tony, he really does keep to himself most of the time. I have to admit I myself don't know all the specifics of Tony but with personality, that's a different story =) Tony respects easy-going and funny people, he doesn't appreciate cocky or people who don't know when to stop be a dick. Tony also doesn't like people taking advantage of him but as with myself, he knows how to keep his cool and not let his emotions take the better of him. He likes sports and therefore is very competitive from school to sports LOL Even though his not very good at sports, he will still try his best ^^" Like with table tennis, he hasn't beaten me in 3 years but he still comes back for a game or two =] Other than that, Tony is pretty quiet outside his home. Though on the inside, he is different character LOL Pray you do not see his other side ^^"

Its good to have a mix of guy and girl best friends as you can go to both genders for advice, given the type of situation you're in. I mean, I wouldn't go to Lyn for a good porno (erhh .. not that I ask Tony for that matter xD) or neither would I go to Tony for advice on relationships. While there are pros and cons to having both genders as best friends, I couldn't care less about the cons. Knowing that I have best friends that I can rely on all the time is good enough for me =D

Okay I think thats all I can say about Tony for now, but I'm sure in the future, I'll have much more to add on to my memories with Tony =) Yupp, Lyn&Tony are my two only best friends at the moment, which may sound strange to some because I know alot of people who have more than that. But as with things like 'Love' and 'Trust', "Best Friendship" is also very important to me. I don't exactly throw these things around like a beach ball at a rock concert but I do keep them close to my heart for always ^^ I've known Tony for nearly 10 years now and we only became best friends last year, and Lyn for about 5 years, and our best friendship begun only 1.5 years ago. So you can see that if I were to offer you my best friendship (or love and trust for that matter), you better feel special LOL! In the future though, I do hope I find more best friends cos the more is definitely the merrier =3

I'm gonna leave this post with a something that I've kept with me since the day Tony and me became friends ^^

Shh~ dont tell Tony otherwise I'll be in big trouble ^^"

ja ne =]