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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @ 8:14 AM

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Okay so its a been about a couple days since I last blogged and in that time, nothing 'amazing' happened besides the fact that I sprained my right wrist .. for the 4th time LOL I wouldn't say that would fall under the 'amazing' category but I think I still should blog it =) I didn't blog it on the day it happened because of obvious reasons, I mean, I didn't use my right hand for a lot things .. =(

So anyways, it happened on the 18th of January. When Jess, her cousin Teresa and I all went to the LCC to go ICE SKATING! =D I'm not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post but on the day we went to watch "Old Dogs", Jess&I wanted to go ice skating .. well it was more me who wanted to go but whatever =D

Steven, Jess and Teresa came to pick me up at .. 2-ish ? and we headed off to Valleys first to buy some Gloria Jeans cos I think it was Steven who had a free drink on his frequent sipper card thingy ? Yeah, Teresa&Steven bought a drink and we headed back to the car =]

When we arrived at the LCC, it didn't seem like there were a lot of people there .. but LOL we saw John =] Little John .. from my school ^^ He was there with his cousins ? O_O Not sure but there were like .. 4-5 of them =)

Anyways the ice rink was closed off for a while cos they needed to umm .. not sure what its called .. but they run over the ice with this .. erhh .. what looks like one of those cleaning machines that operate inside a mall ? O_O It looks sorta like this ..

But you know, more high tech looking .. and I think it was used to smooth out the ice if you know what I mean ? LOL

Anyways the POINT was we couldn't get onto the ice yet .. so we decided to eat something first =) I ordered a LCM sandwich with multi grain bread =D Cos I was feeling tight but healthy LOL Jess ordered some Fish&chips which looked like a waste of $8 cos the fish was small and appeared to be overcooked but the chips ? They weren't even chips. They were "french fries", like the ones from McDonalds. Who serves french fries with fish when the name of the dish clearly reads "fish&CHIPS" and not "fish&FRENCHFRIES" ? LOL I'm not raging, I just feel really hungry right now .. I just woke up and haven't done anything besides blog and facebook =( but yeah, never buy "fish&chips" from the LCC ice rink cos of the thoroughly explained reason above that did not contain any emotional persuasion whatsoever =D

Okay back to the ice skating, by the time we finished eating, the ice rink was back up again =] We bought our skates .. or should I say "hired" .. yeah hired our skates, and went inside. And even though, I was wearing that $110 jumper from Tarocash DFO mentioned in my DFO post, it was still freezing ==" I haven't been to ice skating since .. year 6 LOL and I think it was for a birthday party then .. O_O Yeah .. so when I got back on the ice for the first time in 6 years, it wasn't pleasant .. in fact, it ended up looking like this ..

GOD .. I feel so noob and powerless all of a sudden .. ^^" Give me a break, I was trying to remember how to skate properly as I haven't done so in so long. I spent the first hour or so, trying to get the hang of it .. I have to say that chair helped alot LOL They have those primary school classroom chairs for people to use as like .. umm .. something to hold onto while skating cos the chairs can glide on the ice =) Yeah, that helped with my balancing but other times .. well .. you tell me ..

No that one didn't hurt .. but I was soon to regret thinking that at the time =( So after an hour, I was sorta doing 2-3 little skates and gliding for about a metres .. GOD I FEEL SO NOOB >=( It was the most frustrating hour of my life LOL "It shouldn't be this hard" I thought the whole time >=( But I kept at it and soon, I was skating a lil more and a lil faster .. still had some problems with balancing and stuff but everyone does! ^^" Stupid Teresa and Jess .. skating like pro's in front of me >=( well not "pro pro", just "better than me - pro" LOL Jess hadn't been to ice skating in a year and Teresa looked like she went there every week =( But they were better than me, and I couldn't stand it LOL

Now by this point, I was skating .. AT MY OWN PACE >=( .. .. when I stacked it =( It was then when I sprained my wrist .. again. This would be my 4th time spraining my wrist during sports LOL I think I sprained it once playing soccer and twice playing basketball O_O Not sure .. I don't really remember but yeah, at the time, this one felt bad =/ I had to sit off for a bit and I was feeling extremely dizzy and had a massive headache =( I don't even remember hitting my head =/ But yeah, I rested my head on a table and suddenly it felt like 50 degrees Celsius in there O_O" I was sweating heaps and I was just sitting there .. T_T' Disgusting.

I felt kinda bad cos Teresa and Jess stopped skating once I got hurt =( I rested for about 20-30 minutes and Jess was kind enough to get me a Hot Chocolate too ^^ Thanks Jess but I AM going to pay you back for it =] So after the staff at the ice rink kindly bandaged up my wrist, I went back onto the ice to skate some more, so did Teresa but Jess didn't feel like skating anymore cos she felt like sleeping =/ and after about 10 minutes, it was Teresa's turn to fall over LOL Fortunately though, she didn't get injured =) But it looked like a pretty bad fall ^^"

So yeah after that, we walked to the bus stop and walked home =) Even though I got hurt, I still had heaps of fun =3 It brought back memories from year 6 and yeah, I had a great time =) So thanks Jess for taking me out that day and also thanks to Teresa&John who both helped me to skate =D Much appreciated guys =)

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[EDIT] I didn't wna write up another post cos its only gna be a paragraph long but yesterday I went to physiotherapy for my wrist and missed out on PEAK test. I was kinda looking forward to that test, cos I love space ^^" but at the same time, I was hoping it never came cos if I failed, I would get kicked out =( But as it turns out, I didn't even get to go tutor. Anyways this physiotherapy session was my first and it was ..okay I guess. I wasn't sure what the nurse/physio chick was doing half the time, I mean, at one point, she had to ultrasound my wrist ? O_O I know right ? weird =/ She was stretching my wrist and poking it and asking if it this hurt or if that hurt LOL and I swear to god, this nurse looked exactly like Nishikido Ryo from NewS but with longer hair xD The resemblance was strikingly close, the sleepy eyes and everything LOL So yeah anyways, she made it feel a little better and now I gotta do wrist exercises at home =/ If I don't feel better by next week, I gotta go back for another session ^^"

ja ne =D