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Friday, January 1, 2010 @ 4:03 AM

WMP: -
MSN: Lyn, Miah
Mood: Tired as fuck

OMG today was so tiring .. not to mention boring. Well to be fair, it was boring up until the fireworks =) As you all know, its Pierre's first trip to Sydney and he had decided to spend New Years Eve in Sydney to check out our famous fireworks, which is supposedly better than the rest of the world's capital cities ? =/ LOL That's a direct quote from Pierre so yeah .. ^^ Anyways no one was willing to stay up that late at City to watch it with him T_T Common excuses were .. "I got work", "traffic will be a killer" and "my tv is better" =="

So my epic journey begun at home, at around 3 when my uncle came and picked me up to go Parramatta train station =] It was just Pierre and me, but previously I had invited Jess to come along too but she had family matters to attend to so no matter =) Anyways we took a train to Circular Quay and met up with Sebastian (Pierre's friend from a couple posts back), now I was a third wheel .. LOL I was literally a tag-along .. that led the way, if that makes sense xD

Anyways I had a map with me (well prepared as usual *angel face*) and Sebastian thought Mrs Macquarie Point would be a nice place but in actual fact, it was the best place LOL I mean from that point, you could see 4 fireworks simultaneously 0_0 Pretty awesome but a place like that must be full by now I thought .. But it turns out we were just in time. The capacity was 20,000 and they had them counting machines where you walk past and it counts one number up ? I looked at the 5 machines and all of them displayed numbers around .. 3400 ? So thats around 17,000 already .. we just made it =)

Now begun what was literally the longest 6 hours of my life .. finding a spot where you could get a clear view of the Harbour Bridge and protecting it LOL Finding a spot was the obviously the more difficult task, with thousands of people camping out the previous night to grab the best seats ==" We didn't end up finding a spot .. but a place on the footpath where we had to stand which was the second best option, seeing as we had a good view of the Harbour Bridge. The only setback was there was a thin tree branch in the way and we had to stand .. T_T OMFG .. 6 hours of standing, and briefly sitting down. Seriously if you sat down too long, people crowd around you and you wont be able to stand up anymore T_T I felt short for the first time in my life LOL

What did I do to keep myself occupied you ask ? Well thats actually a good question .. I did alot of random things to pass the time, I called Lyn at around 8:30 .. talk for 30mins and stopped when the 9 o'clock fireworks went off. I played CityBlocks on my phone, new high score CHYEAH =D and I posted something on facebook with Pierre's Iphone =] After that, I just listened to music for about 2 hours ..

Oh and I also want to officially add Jessica's name to my prestigious list of Countdown Buddies =) For the 2009-2010 title, I am proud to present Jessica H with the honour of being my newest Countdown Buddy LMAO Actually funny story, at around 9:30, I called Lyn because I said I would call her back .. NETWORK BUSY .. then I tried calling Dad .. NETWORK BUSY .. then I tried calling Jess .. SUCCESS 0_0 .. At that time, Jess was playing games at Mounties LOL .. Me ? I was sitting on a kerb, drawing circles on the ground ... how exciting =="

At around 11:30, I called Jess again in case the networks were jammed =( I didn't wanna call her up at around 11:55 to find out the networks are jammed and I miss out on a countdown buddy again T_T" So yeah, we talked for a bit, about how Jess kinda wished she was there and how I was glad she wasn't LOL No, don't get the wrong idea, I just know that Jess wouldn't last 6 hours, being cramped and surrounded by hundreds of people ^^" but yeah, it was all good. And then we counted down together =3 .. although I have to admit, I didn't even know it was the last 10 seconds LOL I heard Jess say "10 .. 9 .. 8 .." .. so I was like " shit .. 7 .. 6 .. " LMAO lucky I heard you Jess ^^" The fireworks were really pretty, but I don't like how there wasn't much purple this year >=(

But in the end, it made the 6 hour wait worth it =] I had a great time, watching the fireworks .. but honestly I reckon it would have been hundreds of times better if Jess was there =( But at least I got to countdown with someone, that's good enough =) Thanks for everything Jess, hope I made your New Years Countdown abit more fun than last years ? ^^"

After the fireworks, Jess&I talked for abit more until her credit ran out ^^" Sorry I made you spend all your credit on me Jess =( But I do feel special because of it *angel face* LOL

I sent all the 16 pre-written texts to the handful of people I selected from my contacts list after Jess&I hung up. Sad thing is .. none of them sent ==" So here's all the texts if you guys still haven't received them yet =( btw, if I didn't send you a text, don't be sad. It's probably because I don't got your number or cos I wished you a happy new year some other way .. eg msn or facebook ? but this year, I tried to write an individual text for everyone and my aim was to make you smile at what I wrote =) Hope I did ^^

Lyn N
"HAPPY NEW YEARS RIN-CHAN! DAICHUKI DESU YO! what did i tell you ? hitsugaya didn't die cos his awesome, plus habeli is gay ^^" we both love you so much! =3"

Jessica H
"HEY JESS =) its chatboi ^^ I know you're on the phone with allan right now but I still wanna wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway =3 thanks for an awesome year! =)"

Steven H
"HAPPY NEW YEAR STEVEN! hope you find out your ATAR score soon if you haven't already ^^" better watch your sis, i heard shes talking to a read ass right now xD"

Kevin S
"HAPPY NEW YEAR KEVIN! 2010 will be the sixer's season LOL yes I had to make a bball reference =) try not to piss Sonya off too much this year yeah ? jokes =)"

Sonya T
"HAPPY NEW YEAR SONYA! wish u a good year! n don't worry, i'll straighten up Kevin for you =) tho try not to piss him off too much this year yeah ? just kidding =]"

Anna L
"HAPPY NEW YEAR PUFFERFISH! hope you enjoy your new year, come down and visit again cos I forgot to shout you a pork roll last time=) allan misses you =("

Felix T
"HAPPY NEW YEAR FELIX! hope everything is okay in cananda =) and dont worry, your BMW is doing fine with me =3 can i just ask .. do pork rolls stain ? LOL"

Geoffrey T
"HEY SEI BAAT POR! HAPPY NEW YEAR! when are you coming over tonight ? you owe me a lap dance x] jokes =) lets beat felix's ATAR score this year yeah ? ^^"

Stephanie L
"HAPPY NEW YEAR STEPH! i hope Gossip Girl gets axed =P maybe then you'll get out more LOL just kidding, pass this message onto your family for me =)"

Tracie K
"HEY TRACIE! SUN NIEN FAI LOK, maybe this is the year I'll shout you yum cha LOL YOU WISH =P how about a pork roll instead ? pass this on to your family for me =)"

Rosalyn H
"HAI RO! HAPPY NEW YEAR =) hope you have fun with MK this year, I wish you guys a happy and long relationship ^^ remember you owe me a WC adventure after HSC =] "

Dona T
"HEY DONA! ITS 2010 NOW =) and don't worry, i've got your back for the next couple of english essays this year ^^ dont stress too much this year just enjoy YOUR NEW YEAR!"

Brandon J
"HAPPY NEW YEAR JUNTREE! =] this shall be the year where your new year resolution reads "NO MORE SHOPPING" =) if you can do that, you're a god LOL"

Tien T
"HAPPY NEW YEAR SISSY =) thanks for keeping tutor fun for me this year, hope you can continue being a loser next year cos i'll certainly miss it ^^ good luck!"

Aunty Keyo
"SUN NIEN FAI LOK! its 2010 now! you know what that means .. a new johnny's countdown! LOL have fun tonight, whatever you're doing, hope this year will be good!"

Dad, Mum & Jim
"HAPPY NEW YEAR DAD, MUM and .. slim Jim =) hope you guys are having fun at home =P the fireworks are crazy and its so loud =( have a good one, and jim ? go to sleep!"

Speaking of texts, I received 21 text messages from friends last night =) I know .. I'm so loved LOL But when I checked my phone properly, I found out that Christa had sent me 13 of the same text .. 0_0 I was like "she must really want me to a happy new years LOL" Anyways thanks for all the texts messages guys! =]

Check ABC news tmrw guys, you might see me =) There was a reporter guy there, and a group of Aussie guys were jumping and singing behind him LOL I randomly joined in xD So if you see a random asian guy in the background, thats me ^^

OMG you know when I was walking back to the train station, I walked past a couple (obviously really drunk or really horny) but yeah, the guy had his hand up her dress while she was lying down 0_0 .. No more than 10 steps down the road, I witness a New Years break up =( .. and then .. a further 10 steps down the road, a male gay couple were getting it on T_T" So thats what Sydney is like after hours huh ? Scary ..

Now I'm at home, the time now .. is around 5:21 in the morning =) No I didn't sleep tonight ^^" I might watch something and then go take a morning shower and drink some coffee =] Then I'll be good to go. Good morning to all my morning readers =] and HAPPY NEW YEARS to all my loyal readers =) You guys are reason I keep writing, keep it up with the comments and I promise to deliver more happy, funny and enjoyable posts for you guys to read =3 Thanks for the support in my first 3 months as a blogger =D REALLY APPRECIATE IT GUYS! =)

ja ne =]