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Saturday, January 2, 2010 @ 9:49 PM

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Since everyone is in the mood these holidays, I'm gna do one too =) oh btw I'm talking about writing dedication posts to each and every one of my closest friends ^^ It started when I saw Ro's one, and thought thats a nice thing to do =] But never thought of writing one myself, then Lyn wrote one about me and I was all mushy LOL! So the next couple of posts will be dedicated to a select few of my close friends =] Don't fret if you're not included cos it may be cause I don't know that much about you .. yet ? ^^" If you like to hear a post about you, feel free to ask =3

First up .. my one and only RIN-CHAN ^^

Okay .. where do I even begin ? Man .. I feel like I'm writing a speech for your wedding Lyn LOL Anyways .. I first knew Lyn back in year .. 8 I think it was =/ She wasn't that open to many, kept to herself and her group mostly but was indeed popular with the maths staffroom =] I had remember people calling her "100% girl" though that never stuck xP I knew of her existence in year 7 but we never talked .. =(

We first talked in year 8, during art class. I don't remember why we started talking, but I highly doubt it was Lyn who came up to me LOL I was such a dickhead back then .. probably still am but I wouldn't know =( I remember having a crush on Jenny L at the time, who was in Lyn's group. Maybe that's why we started talking =/ But yeah, to be honest, I never really liked Lyn then. I always found her annoying and somewhat scary =( But look where that's taken us huh ? I guess first impressions can go die LOL

After Jenny left school for tennis, Lyn and I stayed friends and gradually became closer over time. Okay we didn't see eye to eye on many occasions, mainly my fault though, but with every fight or disagreement we've had, we somehow always manage to find a way to settle things and that is how friendships grow my friends =) I remember we had a massive fight near the end of year 9, something about me breaking a promise, which Lyn holds dearly. That was probably our biggest fight ever =/ It lasted a couple months, even over New Years =( Lyn would silent treatment my ass into the ground, block me on msn, she basically erased me from her world as if I didn't exist .. =(

I wanted to resolve things between us real bad, but did not have the slightest clue how .. (told you I was a jerk ==") when all she wanted was for me to say sorry =( I have to be honest here, it wasn't until Tien, my ex, made me realise that she was worth something to me T_T So the next day, I got her a bionicle toy (Lyn loves bionicles to death LOL) and had my first attempt at wrapping something LMAO I went to school and apologised, it was scary I tell you .. I'm pretty sure that was my first heartfelt apology I've ever given, before that, I'm sure I was a little bitch about it T_T *slaps little Allan*

Ever since then, we've grown on each other. Though I have to admit, it was pretty random how we officially became best friends ^^" We were talking on msn, and she just goes " Hey I realise I treat you no different than I treat Ro (her other best friend) so I guess that makes you my best friend huh ?" Okay it wasn't exactly like that, but along those lines LOL So since the 2nd of March 2008, we've been best friends =)

Lyn has been there for all my ups and downs since becoming my best friend =] Shes helped me immensely with school, not to mention relationships. I swear this will go down as one of the biggest regrets of my life =( I never listened to you when you said I was being an idiot and that I was going to get hurt again .. I'm sorry for that. I know no amount of apologies would ever make up for what I've done but I just want you to know, I wont make that mistake again =]

Though the times we've spent together, I've never liked Lyn's hair .. ever LOL I guess thats one thing I dont like about her ^^" But in a way, those hairstyles are apart of Lyn, without them, she would just be like everyone else but 'everyone else' aren't my best friends are they ? ^^ Oh I also don't like her complaining LOL As you all know, I'm pretty optimistic about things and I hate it when she looks at the bad side of things though trust me, she's been worse ^^" .. Okay thats enough of what I don't like about Lyn, but I'm sure theres nothing else =/

What I do like about Lyn though is that she strongly believes in loyalty and trust. These two virtues are not to be given out to just anyone, I've learnt that the hard way =( But to what lengths Lyn goes to prove and protect these two values are immeasurable. How she stands for what she believes in and who her friends are will most definitely shock you. NEVER EVER .. ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever insult her best friends *angel face* or you will pay dearly (GOD I feel so loved right now LOL) She also likes promises but to a different level. If you make a promise to Lyn, its like making a promise to the devil where your soul will be taken away .. wait I just realised I compared Lyn to the devil .. MY BAD! Not my intention, but you know, Lyn can be somewhat devilish at times, I mean, she was found sleeping, lying face up, straight body, toes together, with her arms in a crisscross manner above her chest, touching her shoulders with opposing hands LMAO Vampire much ? =)

I guess this post could be endless huh ? Even though we've only been best friends for a year and a half. But the main thing is Lyns helped me through high school and life, and for that alone, I owe her a life of repayment LOL High school is undoubtedly the most scariest aspect of anyone's life and Lyn helped me through it ^^ With that, I would like to believe that I've become a better person and will continue to do so as long as Lyn stands by me for always =) Nothing could ever convey the level of respect I have for you but I assure you, it is of utmost heights. I will always be there for you as you have been there for me, so once more, I would like to thank you for all your efforts and support till now and I hope we'll be best friends forever ^^ I LOVE YOU RIN-CHAN! YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME =3

Man .. did I just propose ? LOL!

And here's something I've saved for this occasion =]

Ted: " My best friends getting engaged and what do I have to show for my life ?"
Barney: "Ted .. I thought I was your best friend .. "
*gives Ted a look*
Barney: "Say I'm your best friend Ted"
Ted: *Reluctantly* " You're my best friend Barney .."
Barney: "GOOD! And as your best friend, I would like to play a game called .. " Haaaave you met Ted ?"
*Goes to a random chick*
Barney: "Hi, have you met Ted?"

LOL! =)

ja ne ^^