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Monday, January 11, 2010 @ 11:05 PM

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Okay first of all, sorry for not blogging for a while but for the last 3 weeks of holidays left, I really need to get my homework and extra study done ==" Why ? Well maybe because you don't know who my maths teacher is and also because I have a PEAK test on the 20th .. I think =/ But yeah, I need to really nerd it from here on out =( So don't be expecting any posts from me anytime soon until .. maybe school =( I know, I know .. its all very sad but dw if anything amazing happens, I'll let you guys know =)

So today .. I went to play ball =) with Kevin, Jess and Dona ^^ It was abit random at first, but you know, I'm always up for a game of bball =D I really need to get better T_T Not just so I can be better than Kevin, but so I can be more healthy and also to cross that off my New Years Resolution LOL Anyways back to the point, I got to the courts at about 5-ish .. AS REQUESTED! >=( LOL Yeah Kevin was there with his little brother but Jess&Dona were no where in sight =/ I got a call about 10mins later, saying they'll be there at 6 ==" LOL they came at 5:30.

Anyways the courts were getting filled with people and the girls couldn't play .. so I decided to take them to the school courts =] Tony&Allan's private basketball courts LOL Cos no one knows about it except for a select few of special people LMAO We go there during summer, because the sun is up till like fricking 8 LOL Anyways when we got there, we shot around for abit .. made bets that I lost .. watched the countless air balls from the girls plus Jim xD It was awesome =D

Then we played a game for abit =)

Dona&BigJim VS Allan&Jess&SmallJim

We won .. of course *angel face LOL Narh I'm just kidding .. I don't know who won actually =/ But c'mon =3 LMAO

When I got home, I discovered something horrific .. =(

LOOK LOOK! It's a big ugly picture of my bruised toe! =( Hope none of you guys aren't eating .. LOL

LOL@ Annie for answering my question on the previous post.. "who invented procrastination?" Annie said this in reply .. "procastination is brought out from your OWN ASSES. you stress over an issue.. U START PROCASTINATING.
" LOL! good answer =)

Anyways its getting late .. yeah I know right ? It's only fricking 12, and I going sleep ==" I need to fix my sleeping pattern guys .. I cant wake up at 12 or 1 anymore .. cos I never get motivated to do any work .. speaking of which, I think I might need to quit MSN/Facebook again .. they distract me big time =( But for those that I talk to on MSN, don't take it as an insult, take it as a compliment cos I find you guys so amusing and fun to talk to that I don't care about homework anymores =) LOL But seriously now, I gotta get this work done =(

Oh btw my laptop hasn't been the best of friends at the moment, when I turn it off, and turn it on again later, sometimes it refuses to turn on .. O_O and I've been putting it on 'Hibernate' for a while now .. so after Wednesday, I wna turn it off to make sure its okay now .. but if not, then I wont be on MSN for a while then .. or until the laptop decides to man up and be my friend again T_T"

Alright I'm gna head off to bed now =) I'll see you guys in a couple weeks ^^ Enjoy your holidays people! =] Go out, spend some quality time with family, girlfriends/boyfriends .. both if you're that kind of person .. *looks at Lyn LOL, and just enjoy your youth cos for most of my readers, we're in our final year at high school .. and it'll all be over when you open your eyes again =( So GO OUT THERE AND JUST HAVE FUN ^^

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