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Wednesday, December 23, 2009 @ 9:19 PM

WMP: With You - Chris Brown
MSN: Ro, Lyn, Kevin, Michael, Jess
Mood: Awesome, sore back 0_0

So today I was a tour guide =) Oh but before that, I wanna personally thank my mum without her actually knowing, if that makes sense LOL See, my aunty had arranged for me to be ready by 9:30 so she can come pick me up, but I went to sleep at 2 .. again, talking to Jess and Kevin. I had set my alarm to 8 but when I turned it off and went back to sleep ^^" Then my mum called at 9:20, woke me up again, asked me if I was still sleeping .. to which I repled drowsily " .. no .. I have a sore throat .. " LOL Then I ran to brush my teeth and put on clothes, drank a glass of milk and aunty was there. Didn't have time to do my hair so I ddnt take that luvo ^^" Sorry Jess LOL

I took Pierre to the city by train from Liverpool Station at around 10:00, and when we were paying for tickets, he ddnt have any Australian money yet but had credit card ? And he thought it was alright cos apparently in Paris, you cant pay cash for a train ticket 0_0 But nonetheless, I paid for him and off we went ^^

In the train, we talked about how our architecture in housing were similar to the US's, what kind of job he has, the latest games, what I might wna do after high school LOL It was kinda fun but awkward at times cos there were those moments where we just stop talking for abit and then .. sorta don't know what to say next .. ^^"

When we got to central station, Pierre wanted to exchange some money first. He had about 500 Euros in his pocket, full pulled it out and exchange it for about 750 Dollars ?, which he just stuffed into his pocket LOL Shifty shit xD He also told me that in Europe, you can get a 1000 Euro note .. which is about 1,500 Australian Dollars 0_0 I WANT ONE LOL

Pierre also wanted to try our coffee, to see how strong it was ? So I took him to Market City's Gloria Jeans. He ordered a Long Black with a Croissant, naturally LOL. He tried some, and said "Your croissants taste like shit" LOL xD I laughed and said " Not me, blame Gloria Jeans, she made it" =)

When we met up with Jeanny at Galaxy World, she was with her TB friends =P Her friends left her to stay at Galaxy World&Morning Glory, what a TB thing to do ==" Anyways she went with us to Paddy's, cos Pierre wanted some broadshorts for beach on weekends. When we found some $1o ones, he didn't even look at them and said "Allan, can we go to ze plaze where zhey zell ze Billabong onez ?" LOL! I was like " .. I like you Pierre" XD

Took him around Chinatown and Capitols, where Jeanny dogged us to go back to her friends ==" Pierre had a friend coming down from Cairns by bus at 1:00, and it was 12:30, I took him to Hyde Park, when he told me that in Paris's parks, there are a lot of topless women lying in the sun .. I just smiled and nodded =] .. then I couldn't walk properly .. xP

We came back and met with his friend, Sebastian, who is also french but came down from Cairns as he was on holidays there. His english is so bad .. ^^" Half the time he was telling me stuff, I just smiled and nodded x) Must of thought I was retarded or something =/

So the the three of us went sight seeing where the tour guide was yours truly =] They were hungry so I took them to Ajisen Ramen, near Chinatown. That place has the BEST Teriyaki Chicken Bento I have ever tasted ^^ And both Pierre and Sebastian agree =) But Pierre thinks its a bit too salty thats all =/

MONORAIL TIME! OMG I haven't ridden a monorail since I was like 8 .. 0_0" We got off at Harbourside and walked to Star City, then back to Darling Harbour. We talked about the movie Avatar and how Pierre thinks Paranormal Activity was shit and G.I Joe is THE shit LOL! LOVE THAT MOVIE MAN =D

We stopped by Starbucks, I got a Iced Chocolate with Cream =) while Pierre and Sebastian got a mango passionfruit blend. I also stole a gift card from Starbucks =] I know its not good without any money on it, but it looks awesome ^^ We brought some hats from a nearby store and check these out =)

I know they're awesome right ? LOL

Then we walked to Queen Victoria Building, where all the rich ass stores are LOL All the stores are like Versace, Gucci, Messini, Ralph Lauren, Pandoras, Swarovski, Valentino's .. I was like .. 0_0 WHERE AM I ?! But its a 3 storey building and they have this massive christmas tree running through the levels which was awesome LOL

And thats only the top, this goes for 3 storeys =3

Then we went into the Myer's Christmas sale at World Sqaure, there was so much last minute christmas shopping it wasn't funny. There was that channel 10 reporter there too LOL, I might be on the news 0_0 xD Whilst in there, Pierre bought some Polo broadshorts 0_0" I didn't even know that polo had broadshorts ? =/ Check this convo I had with Sebastian ..

Sebastian: Allan, when you go to ze beach, do you wear just ze shortz ?
Allan: Umm .. no I wear my underwear and the shorts ? ^^"
Sebastian: Oh really ? Zhis iz different from in Parii, coz in Parii, we only need to wear ze shortz, and nothing elze.
Allan: 0_0 .. that's interesting I guess ?
Sebastian: Haha .. I guezz zhis iz ze Australian ztyle eh ?

Then we took a train home =] Feet are killing me but I'm going back tmrws ^^" We're going to see the Opera House this time LOL cos we didn't have enough time today =) Anyone wna tag along ? I could use an assistant tour guide ^^"

OMG Did I mention that Pierre smokes ? Cos if I didn't, I am now LOL For the whole day, I actually counted how many smokes he had 0_0 Guess how much .. No that's abit too high.. lower .. a bit more .. no a lil higher .. HE HAD 9 SMOKES IN A PERIOD OF LIKE 8 HOURS .. he probably had 2 more when we got home =/

Anyways I'm done for tonight =) No Barney tonight guys. Tomorrow ^^"

Night guys! =3