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Tuesday, December 29, 2009 @ 10:03 PM

WMP: How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Ep 3
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I should explain, KAOS is a team name formed by a group of basketball players. I guess they were bored or something, but yeah they formed a team, now they have spread across Australia and coach the new generation of KAOS. One of my old friends, Edy, is a team member =] He recently flew back to Sydney from South Australia to visit this Christmas and Kevin, Edy and me all went out to play some bball for old time sakes =D

But first, let me take you back to the morning when I woke up LOL I had left my laptop on last night, because I wanted to use my cousin's off peak downloads =D I downloaded the Simpsons Season 15 ^^ Now I'm just missing a few more of the earlier seasons like 2 and 4 =D Anyways Simpsons FTW =)

So last night, Lyn had asked if I wanted to come to movies with Phil and Juntree but I was already booked by Kevin and Edy =/ Kevin said he wants to play ball when its around 3 so I thought I could still make it ^^" So I agreed to go to movies first =] I left the house at around 11:30 wearing my bball outfit LOL Cos I knew I was gna go straight to the courts when I come home so yeah I didn't wna have to change =)

I went to Liverpool, met up with Lyn and Juntree, while they were talking to .. RO&MYLINH! =) So we hung around in front of Maccas, waiting for Phil to come, just bumming around and just caught up I guess xD I saw Steven as well (Geoffrey's little brother) and told him to tell Geoffrey to call me when he sees him cos he could join us for movies =D He called me 5 mins later, walked by me, and I told him to turn around and still didn't see me T_T But he said his not up for movies anyways so yeah LOL

Anyways Ro&Mylinh had to go buy some stuff for camp ? And yeah Phil came, then we had to meet up with Chris .. don't ask .. I dont know who they are either =/ LOL! We went up to buy some tickets and found out that Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 were sold out at 12:20, second would be at 1:35 and I wasn't sure I could make it back in time for my bball game =/ But Lyn really wanted me to stay and watch, so being the best friend that I am, I stayed =3 .. errh .. I should probably mention that Lyn offered to pay for me so AHEM ..yeah .. ^^" Not like that was the deal breaker or anything .. xD She wanted me to watch it for a while and leave when I needed to but if you know me, you would know that I hate watching half a movie, I must watch all of it or dont watch it at all UNLESS! its the most shittest movie ever .. and thats only happened once. I kid you not .. Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber was the worst 10 mins of my life EVER =( Stupid Johnny Depp >=( .. But I love you in Pirates of the Carribean =3 LOL

So we bummed around Food Court with Ro&Mylinh again for about 30 mins or so and it was just random .. xD I mean check this out if you dont believe me x)

LOL! Hands up who thinks Ro has big eyes for an asian ? *counts .. Yeah I thought so XD

So yeah, when it was time, we went up and watched the movie, I found it boring at times and somewhat annoying, I never liked the Chipmunks voice after watching the first movie, and then having to put up with their remixes of current songs ==" But yeah, I like the first one better anyways .. though I cant remember when I watched it 0_0 LOL probably when it came out ? xD Anyways I checked the ticket and it said that it would be finished at 3:30, and I never watch half a movie =( So I watched all of it and as soon as the credits rolled, not even, when the screen started to fade, I was out that door LOL! I literally ran to the bus stop cos I knew the bus was gna be there at 3:32 and yeah .. I made though ^^ *thumbs up

When I got back to GV, I went to the courts and played with my purple ball for a while then Kevin and Edy showed =] Then other people too, and soon enough, we had enough players for a game ^^ We played a couple and it was awesome =3 I LOVE BASKETBALL SO MUCH ^^ AND OMG THE SIXERS BEAT THE TRAIL BLAZERS! YES! =D BY 11 POINTS TOO =3 Although there was some problems, I got hurt =( But NO PROBLEM! ^^" I'm fine =]

I never noticed blood was so shiny 0_0 LOL

When I got home, I had a sore back, blisters on both feet .. again, toes were bleeding ==" and the whole right side of my body ached .. because I fell on that side and like slid across the pavement .. 0_0" Oh btw I invited Edy back to my place for a drink before he left cos he didn't drink anything the whole time we were playing 0_0 MACHINE LOL Anyways .. I'm so nice *angel face xD

Then I called Jess if she wanted my hard drive yet cos I was in the mood to walk for abit =] Jess said she might come pick it up soon, and I waited outside cos there was a nice breeze outside ^^ I was sitting there for about 2o mins LOL Before I texted her, asking if she was still coming, and she said her brother was tired to take her here and she was too tired to walk xD So I walked to her house myself =] And yes your welcome Jess =3 DON'T thank me again ^^" Your cousin is cute btw =) "aunty jessica" .. just adorable xD

Now I'm watching HIMYM with Jess =) We're up to ep 3 now ^^ Talk to you guys later =] Have a good night =D

Something Barney Would Say
[Robin had gotten them into a exclusively hard-to-get-into club called "Okay"]
Barney: Okay ?! Awesome!
Ted: What's going on ? Did I just have a stroke ?
Barney: Okay is the name of a club, yeah, its supposed to be incredibly exclusive. This friend of mine once waited outside for 2 hours and didn't get in.
Ted: A friend of yours .. named you ?
Barney: No .. a friend of mine named Shut up


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