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Monday, December 14, 2009 @ 10:23 PM

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Man today was a mix of good and bad I guess .. first of all, rehearsal was a drag .. and boring as hell ==" I knew I should have brought my laptop but I ddnt cos I thought it might be a hassle to carry it around .. T_T I was practically sitting there for 2-3 hours, playing some kids dominoes ==" Actually funny story LOL Tony, Juntree, Ameen and me were sitting at our table, bored .. when we heard what sounded like a bunch of dice rolling on a table .. when I said;

Allan: huh ? Who brought Mahjong ?
*We all look around and see dominoes*
Ameen: This is what I get when I hang with asians LOL

LMAO there was actually a funny story for the bus trip there as well =) You know the movie Fired Up! from a couple posts back ? Yeah, theres a bit in the movie where they're in the bus and chanting "We are driving .. we .. we are driving" cos they're cheerleaders right ? LOL So Stefan and me tried doing it too but no one followed T_T Epic fail .. x) Actually I think I might have heard some girls behind us say " You are losers .. you .. you are losers" LOL ! xD

During rehearsal, we did the whole thing like 4 times and yeah, we listened to the same songs over and over again .. ==" BUT I didn't mind Agnes's preformance of "Bleeding Love" cos OMG it was so good =D I swear to god, I'm sleeping to that song tonight LOL! but there was other songs like Daniel's "Kick Stuff" Instrumental, a rock song that went for like 5 mins ==" we heard that same song like 4 times .. -_-"

OMFG don't even get me started on the fucking lunch orders >=( The sheet did not say anything about not being food there, and so I didn't bring my usual pork roll and candy. Instead Mounties "graciously" offered us their menu to their overly priced food items .. e.g $6 for "hot chips" in a tiny chinese noodle box or $13 for a beef burger .. that is more expensive than Maccas man .. seriously .. but I was really hungry so decided to buy some hot chips anyways .. I specifically wrote down "please add chicken salt" and they didn't give me shit ==" FUCK YOU MOUNTIES YOU TIGHTASS BITCHES >=(

Then after one more rehearsal, we went home on a bus whose seats smelt like piss 0_0 Great. When I got home, I took a shower and did my hair for the remaining 30 mins LOL I got to Mounties at like 5 cos parents wanted to take me out to eat at buffet. When we got there, we found out that my dad's membership had expired and he asked if he could just use the restaurant, seeing as he was a member before and will renew it soon, but the lady said "no". That made my dad fully pissed, and was this close to starting an asian argument with the Mounties staff, and when I say "asian argument", you all know what I'm talking about. It should go something like this ..

AngryAsianParent: I don't care if I the member or not, I just want to use the restaurant because my boy have the special day today.
StressedOutStaff: Okay sir .. I cant do anyth ..
AngryAsianParent: You don't tell me you cant do the nothing because I know you lie to me. I want to know why I cant use the restaurant, who care if I the member or not, I buy the food from you, you get the money from me anyway, so why you say I cant go ? You don't want my money ?
StressedOutStaff: Sir .. I'm sorry but theres just nothi ..
AngryAsianParent: Tell your manager to come see me.

Anyways we decided to just go eat at KFC =) which was better anyways cos its cheaper =P Then it was time to go back to Mounties for the presentation ^^ And since we were 40 mins early, I told my dad to just go renew his membership and GOD his photo is awesome LOL! It was the most pissed off face I had ever seen xD

Presentation was well .. the same as rehearsal but a bit longer and better lighting I guess ? LOL OMG HAZEM EL MASRI WAS THERE! x) He gave the sports awards OMG SO JEALOUS, I'M JOINING THE BBALL TEAM NEXT YEAR! LMAO

OMG I got to hear Agnes's performance of "Bleeding Love" again, which I swear, if done on a more R&B tone, I would have cried LOL Karina was singing too, and I KID YOU NOT, she is the future Australian Idol =) By far the best live performance, I have ever seen =] LOL cos I don't go concerts ^^

Yanira got a lot of awards, even special awards like the leadership award and crap .. ANGRY WITH GREEN ENVY LOL I'm gna get those awards next year >=) I know, thanks for your support guys =3 LMAO

After that, it was the moment we had all been waiting for =) Tony VS Allan in Table Tennis =D .. MAN DO I SUCK =( I haven't played in months and I'm so rusty T_T Even so, I still won =]

Allan - 11 (1 Set)
Tony - 8

Allan - 9
Tony - 11 (1 Set)

Allan - 11 (2 Sets - WINNER)
Tony - 9

So that means Tony hasn't beaten me in 2 years, nearly 3 =P Even though he denies it LOL

Anyways I'm tired =] Good night loyal readers ^^

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