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Tuesday, December 22, 2009 @ 11:36 PM

WMP: Loveless - Yamashita Tomohisa
MSN: Kevin, Jeanny, Juntree, Jess
Mood: Sore throat but okay I guess ?

OMG today was gna be epic .. sorta ? I dont know LOL But the french relative, whose name is Pierre btw, was too tired to go anywhere today so Jess and me didn't go to Parra =( LOL Pierre .. what a typical french name ^^" I thought he was gna be around my age, like my uncle said, but I found out today that his 32 0_0 .. either my uncle thought he was young or I'm old .. =( but I'm pretty sure its the first one =3 LOL And he speaks fluent english too, but he cant pronounce the "th" sound though LOL He says "ze" LMAO! How typical and .. racist ? LOL

Oh Pierre is a total gamer too LOL He knows so much about hacking shit xD Apparently thats his "second job" LOL Hacking Wii's, DS's the whole lot cept for PS3 cos its invincible >=) He couldn't beat me in NBA Live 09 though >=) I'm so awesome LOL! =3

So instead of going out to Parra, I went to Valleys to get a haircut and a Grand Angus burger =) I'm not gna post any pics tonight cos I wna spike it up first ^^ I'll do it tmrws =D But I basically told them to cut all of the back cos I ddnt wna straighten it anymores ==" Its too hot. I left the fringe and sides, but thinned some off the top of my head ^^ You guys will see tmrws =)

So I'm going cities tmrws at 9:30 and this time, its for certain ^^" Too bad Jess is busy tmrws, I'm going there by myself .. with Jeanny and her TB friends LOL I'll just be like a 3rd wheel, bumming at the back of the group with Pierre .. HMPH! Who cares, who needs them =) Pierre and me are gna be fine without them =3 Gna take him sightsee-ing to Darling Harbour and Star City and Market City and Chinatown and if we have time, we might go Queen Victoria building and visit the Centre Point tower but we might not have enough time =/

OMG I watched "The Shawshank Redemption" today and its soo ~ good and sad =( Its a 1994 movie but its got Morgan Freeman in it and his such a good actor ^^ Its a prison break type of movie =] But its good =3 Really good =D

Something Barney Would Say
[Robin&Barney just had sex and Lily locked them inside until they confess that they are a couple, which Robin&Barney don't want to do.]
Robin: Okay .. 'being friends' isn't gna work ..
Barney: Nope. Oh, we're not good at 'being friends' we're not good at 'being in a relationship' .. what are we good at ?
Robin: .. I know something we're good at!
Barney: Oh I don't know, if we're gna do it again, I might need some Gatorade or something.
Robin: No! I'm talking about lying to them about being in a relationship


Btw Congrats to Jess for 6-in-a-row MSN list LOL If this keeps up, I might need to get you a trophy or something =/ LOL!

ja ne =)