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Thursday, December 10, 2009 @ 5:27 PM

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*sniffs* I stink 0_0 LOL

today was our english assessment .. and well it was .. okay ? I wrote in my notepad that I brought from home, and Kevin told me afterwards that I could have cheated. If I wrote in the middle somewhere, and ripped that off at the end then I could have done better .. but I'm a good boy so yeah =3 I think I did okay .. I didn't get to finish the last paragraph though ..

Oh we also had a formal assembly today, and I got an award ^^ though this one was for coming second .. not first LOL Coming first means you get an academic award at presentation night =) I got 2 academic awards this year, my first ever LMAO Biology and Japanese FTW =D My physics one got stolen off me ^^" narh, I just didn't come first in the prelims but I'm currently first now =3 So I'll be at Mounties on Monday the 14th at 7:00, looking smexy and getting my awards ^^ Then afterwards .. Tony and me are gna play a couple games of table tennis for old times sakes =] its gna be legen .. wait for it .. dary!

Hmm.. probably wondering why this post is called Kevin&Sonya Part 2 huh ? Well yesterday Kevin asked me if I could help out with Sonya's essay and since I didn't have anything important this afternoon, I decided to help out =) After school, we went to Valley Thai to eat first .. I didn't eat though .. had a stomach ache =( then we went to the library, to do our thang LOL We didn't get much done, given the amount of time we had but we managed to finish it =D Although there were many funny moments to distract us, i.e Kevin picking his nose xD, Kevin saying that he couldn't piss in the urinal cos there was an old man standing in the middle LMAO, we had fun =]

Kevin: Hey Allan, you know that wall where you piss on ?
Allan: erhh .. no ?
Kevin: its the silver thing.
Allan: You mean the urinal ? =="
*Sonya and Allan laughing*

There was also this old guy, sitting in the seminar room with us. He had like a 2L bottle of pepsi, two laptops, two laptop bags, an Ipod Nano, a Nokia N-Series phone all over his table. He had headphones on and was clearly playing a game, gun sounds were heard through his headphones and he was clicking on his mouse excessively. You tell me thats not a gamer and you, sir, need to get out more LMAO he was creepy o_0 Kept looking at us, every now and then .. *runs ROTFL in fact, when Kevin was picking his nose, he looked LOL! Kevin was like (finger in his nose) "the guy looked at me" *Sonya and Allan laughing*

Then at around 5, we got dropped off by Sonya's older brother in his Liberty =] and yeah, thats my day so far ^^ I guess the thing that made me happy today would have to be this afternoon, ~laughter raining down like April showers~ LOL We talked about How I Met Your Mother too, LOL we talked about the episode "The Fight" where Robin, who likes rough guys, says "If a guy is missing teeth, I'm missing my pants" LMFAO! *Sonya and Kevin and Allan laughing*

Anyways I'm gna go showers =)

Something Barney Would Say
[Trying to take the group out for a great night out]
Marshall: Look Barney you tried. I think that’s great but we’re going.
Barney: No! No! Come on.
Marshall: Yes!
Barney: Dude! We haven’t hit legendary yet, we’re only at the 'Le', we still got the 'Gen', the 'Da', the 'Ry'.
Lily: Ok if were at the 'Le' then I say we follow it up with the 'Ts go home'.
Marshall: Oh wow you just got owned phonic style.


OMG check this out (I swear its not a prank)

ja ne =)