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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 @ 10:47 PM

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Today didn't start off very well T_T I got woken up by a phone call from my uncle, asking if I would like to go beach today and he told me to get ready in 10 mins >=( I took 15 .. my grandma had to come over and kiss my ass about it ... ==" I was pretty pissed cos they last minute called me and expected me to be ready in that amount of time .. I didn't end up eating breakfast or bringing my headphones, with a head that pretty much says "I just had sex *thumbs up*" .. T_T"

It was 12 btw, I had to sit there, without any music, with an empty stomach for an hour all the way to Wollongong Beach ==" When we got there, first thing I did was down a whole pork roll in about 2 mins xD I was starving .. =( Then I slapped on some sunscreen and went headed towards the water =) It was cold and this was about .. 2-3pm in the afternoon, I thought the water would be warm by now LOL

I remembered from previous trips, that near the beach there were some rockpools or something, where crabs inhabit =D So I went to find some =) Not so I don't have to pay for dinner tonight but because they're awesome to play with .. I guess =/ LOL And guess what ? I caught some ^^

We caught 3 crabs which were the size of .. umm .. lets see .. open up your hand and look at your palm .. now look at your keyboard and the crabs are about half the size of that =) I'm assuming that you all have standard keyboards LOL Btw I made you all look at your hands for no reason xD We also caught 3 starfish as you can see =) then we ate them .. LOL Just kidding! .. we just threw them at some seagulls .. LOL Just kidding xD

After that, I ran straight at some waves for abit LOL It cut open my wound thought .. T_T But I'm okay =D Then it got really cold .. so I lied in the sun for abit =] AND OMG I GOT BLACK, I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT! LMFAO! Sound familiar to anyone ? I know it does for a certain someone ^^

Anyways its getting late, I'm gna go sleep nows =) HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR TMRWS EVERYONE! cos I'll be at cities tmrws, and will be coming home late, via train too =/ .. hope I don't get raped xD hey.. that rhymes LMAO Anyways hope everything turns out great for the new year =) If anyone is at cities tmrws, give me a call, and hopefully can meet up LOL

Something Barney Would Say
[Talking to Marshall to help him get over his breakup with Lily]
Barney: You know why you're not over Lily yet ? Its cos you can still picture her naked. You can only get over a women when you can no longer picture her boobs. Its a scientific fact. The average male brain can only store a finite number of boob images .. or "bjegs". And your hard drive is filled to capacity with Lily's.

ja ne =3