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Sunday, December 13, 2009 @ 1:13 AM

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Mood: Tired as fuck

Okay so today would be pretty awesome .. wait actually it is awesome LOL Lets see .. I started off the day with a huge headache .. not from drinking .. but from staying up late =( I was watching Ryuusei No Kizuna, you know the one with Toda Erika ? Yeah that one LOL

Anyways I got up like 12:30, and went to eat a Big Mac that my mum had already brought for me cos shes awesome =), whilst watching Fired Up! Classic movie, I would totally recommend it =)

Then I went back upstairs to go on net .. by now it was already 2:30, I had planned to do my Biology report but instead I watched more Ryuusei No Kizuna and yeah this is when my heart shattered into a million pieces =( The moment when my life flashed before my eyes, the moment when I realised that life sucked .. the moment when Erika kissed another guy in front of my face *CRIES

Actually now that I look at it properly, it doesn't even look like a kiss 0_0 if you call that a kiss, then my friend, you need to get out more LOL ERIKA-CHAN DOUSHITE ?!

Hmm.. then at around 5, Kevin asked if I wanted to go play some bball =) I called up Tony cause he lives next to a school and well .. we sorta went into the school, not really trespassing .. but yeah .. we played bball there cos we had the whole court (and school) to ourselves =] Don't worry we didn't do anything bad, we just played a good game of bball =) Man does my body ache or what .. I feel like a old man .. my back is sore, I can barely walk properly =(

But yeah, Kevin wanted me to blog about this part .. specifically. When we were about to go home, Kevin wanted to take the short way home, which involved jumping a 2.5 metre fence with barbed wire at the top .. of course I was against it ^^" but I did it anyways .. I climbed to the top and that's when it got ugly .. since my AND1 shorts are long, I was afraid that they might get caught on the barbed wire .. so I didn't jump. I was on top of that fence for like 10 seconds, and the fence shook as well ==" Kevin and Jimmy were just laughing their heads off while I was on top of a barbed wire fence, about to rip either my pants or my arm off T_T but yeah, it was awesome LOL This was my highlight of the day and what made me happy =)

So when I got home, I noticed that my dad had put my laptop on standby .. which disconnects my net .. the wrong way .. and that's why I wasn't online the whole night. When this happens, the "net" that I'm using gets retarded and doesn't work .. so with my Biology report, I decided to go over to my cousins to ask if I could use his net wirelessly from my house, and he said he was CAPPED! but .. then he said, only on peak so I decided to wait till 1:00am to do my biology report, I watched The 40 Year Old Virgin and 3 eps of How I Met Your Mother while waiting .. and now I'm tired as hell to do any work ... =="

Gna head off to bed ..

ja ne ..