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Sunday, December 6, 2009 @ 1:45 AM

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Mood: Tired ..

So today was the epic day/night I was looking forward to all week/month LOL I mean come on its Felix's 18th =) And plus he had mentioned that his mum got him a car for his birthday but didn't tell me what kind .. So I was anxious to see ^^ Guess what I thought it was, a helicopter LMAO but no, it was a black convertible BMW *ENVY-MUCH >=)

So I started getting ready at 3:00 LOL cos I wasn't sure what time I would be going, like my aunty was gna take me but she was gna come at 6:30 and Geoffrey was on my ass, telling me to come cos he was bored LOL So I asked my grandpa to drive me, but he wanted to have a little nap first so I did my hair for a while, trying the new Gatsby and Juntree's hair spray. Forgot to take a photo cos I was in a hurry but =( I think it looked good though ? =)

And so I got to Felix's at around 6 ? And started helping out with the spit roast and pork, cutting the meat, flipping sausages, yeah it was the shit .. LOL Geoffrey and me sorta did that for a while cos we didn't know many people .. but then Geoffrey and me got pissed cos all these people were just standing around doing nothing, while we got owned by the smoke from the BBQ and heat. So we got some lazy cunts to do it while we went to eat =3 After we ate, Tracie came and we all had a few drinks .. actually they only had like 1 but I had like 5 and a half ? ^^" Yeah, I haven't had much to drink since I had that "no drinking rule" on me from my ex. But yeah, I just felt like I needed a good drink .. Little did I know, those drinks were gna give me a night full of headaches and wanting to vomit =="

So yeah, I don't think I got drunk but Geoffrey reckons I looked like I was drugs or something. I was karaoke-ing out loud, I was throwing lollies at people, laughing at stupid shit, .. but then again, isn't that the normal Allan ? LOL After that, I drank some water and played some poker =) Didn't feel lucky tonight xD Lost everything in a couple rounds =] Wasn't thinking straight, didn't have my poker face on =3

After that, I think I fell asleep on the swing for a while ? Cant remember .. then I remember sleeping on the jumping castle ? Naturally no one was on it duh! Umm .. after that .. I think I ate some more beef .. then played some more poker and lost .. then yeah I hung around with Geoffrey and Tracie for abit until about 12:30 ? I went home =]

Took a shower and now waiting for my hair to dry .. actually its dried up but Tien and me are having an interesting convo so yeah =]

Extra special thank you to Jess for helping me pick out the outfit =) You were indeed a big help ^^ THANK YOU AGAIN =3

Sorry guys no Barney tonight cos I cant really remember off the top of my head right now, still got a massive headache T_T

ja ne =)