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Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 12:28 AM

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Mood: Sleepy

*yawn .. its now 12:30am .. and I'm still sick as hell =( Headache, sore throat, runny nose .. dying here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AUNTY KEYO =] (Even though it was yesterday T_T") Thanks for all the dramas and movies, and the memories, good and bad, that you gave and shared with me =D I mean who could forget the traumatizing horror movies that we watched ==" Red Room .. that BBW pork bun one .. *shudders .. but yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY =]

Anyways today was the last day school! and I went .. cos I'm a nerd =) Narh cos I had to hand in my biology report =] which I'm confident will get me a high mark *crosses fingers ^^ I hadn't intended on staying long, I was gna hand in my report and then go to japanese, then go home. But I stayed. For what you ask ? Glad you asked xD PIZZA! Tony L, a former JB student, now working for the IT department, ordered pizza for a few of us and we all chipped in for our own boxes =D and then we played Wii in one of the computer rooms ^^ GREAT WAY TO SPEND THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL =) THANKS TONY L! =]

Speaking of which, Tony is a champion when it comes to electronical goods =) He helped me fix my network card problem! I installed the part and the drivers for it, all which he generously supplied, and now the dial-up net for my desktop works =] THANKS TONY L! .. AGAIN! My dad is happy now, so I'm happy too ^^

OMG today's PEAK lesson was the shittest one ever .. first of all, today was too hot to straighten my hair so I tied the back up .. which looks like shit ==", then I got worse in terms of sickness =(, headache was getting out of control, and whats more, I was sleepy T_T, so I decided to buy a large $5 cup of taro milk tea, which tastes like crap and made my sore throat worse =(, then I feel asleep for 2 seconds in class (hopefully sir didn't see me), thats like the 2nd time thats happened and because I'm so bored in class, Jamie was sitting next to me again, and we barely talk ==" I don't even say hi to the guy =( Tony is doing his work .. and me just falling asleep. Great.

and OMG I gave sir a christmas gift today and he just said "thanks" with a sort of pitiful look on his face ==" I gave him a nicely wrapped box of Ferrero Roche or something, and he made it seem like he didn't care .. CUT =( then after class, I said "Merry christmas sir and have a happy new year" .. sir: "thanks .." and he smiled .. and that was it ==" EVEN MORE CUT!

Hmm.. I think I should go to bed now .. still sick =( Have a good night loyal readers ^^

Something Barney Would Say
[Seeing Marshall's old overalls]
Barney: No one .. and I mean no one, would get laid wearing those .. .. Challenge accepted. I, Barney Stinson, being of sound mind and amazing body, will wear these overalls until I have sex with a women.
Robin: .. I actually dated that guy.

ja ne =D