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Saturday, December 19, 2009 @ 12:18 AM

WMP: Never Eva - Jhevon Paris Ft. Paris
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Mood: Tired

So today I'm still sick as hell =(, coughing all day and runny nose ==". But even so, I still manage to have a pretty fun day LOL Not really .. it was pretty much bball all day .. virtually =D Yupp NBA Live 09 on PS3 all day with my brother, umm .. lets just say that we had our fair share of wins and losses =) .. yeah .. *ahem .. losing 8 times in a row isn't that bad right ? ^^" BUT! he was playing as the Lakers which is like me playing with one hand ==" The Lakers are the most HAXZOR team in the game T_T" Freaking Kobe Bryant, hate that guy .. not really .. his awesome =) only if I'm playing against him .. >=(

Anyways I love my new bball that I bought yesterday, here .. look =)

Yeah I know its PURPLE! =3 Kevin told me about this ball 2 weeks ago but I hadn't seen it before =] But when I did, I bought it straight away ^^ I love it =D Holding it right now LMAO

*sighs .. so my parents are deciding to go on another short trip "holiday" to Canberra this time .. =.= I hate it when they do, they never plan out anything and just go with it. Mum never gives a shit about what to do when we're actually there, all she cares about is what hotel we're staying at, how many stars is it, and what kind of discounts they offer T_T" Seriously Mum, we're gna go out and visit places, we're not even gna stay in the hotel for long .. only for sleeping and showering ==" So how cares about how many fucking stars it has =.= And Dad, he never seems to care about anything .. if Mum likes it, he follows. What a freaking sheep. I tell him that Mum doesn't even know what shes doing, that we should at least make some sort of itinerary so when we're there, we wont waste time, deciding where to go and shit but no .. listen to mum, pay extra for shit that we don't need, I don't care.

Every year, we end up going on these short 2-3 day trips to Canberra, Wollongong, or Newcastle, which don't even have that much things to do. I swear mum just wants to go for the hotels ==" Seriously, when we're there, she doesn't do anything. Like that time we went to Manly or some shit, and there was an awesome whale/dolphin watching thingo on this island across a lake so we had to take a ferry trip there and Mum was too scared so we didn't go .. and when its like 4:30, Mum will be like "Let's go back to the hotel" T_T Wonderful. Seriously why don't we skip 1 or 2 or these meaningless trips and save up so we can go overseas to visit family over in New Zealand or Canada or Vietnam. Always going on these little boring trips spends so much of meaningless money, all because mum wont think before going to the place. Shes always like that, telling me we're going out so I get ready and when we're in the freaking car, at a freaking intersection or red light, dad will be like " so where we going ? Left turn to Parramatta, right turn to Bankstown or straight to city ?" Then Mum will try to be all innocent and ask us " so Allan do you wna eat pho today ? We'll go to Bankstown if you do. " ==" Pisses me off, always late minuting everything.

Yeah enough ranting .. ima go sleep. Night loyal readers.

Something Barney Would Say
[Ted has a shot at a threesome one night but doesn't know how to seal the deal so he calls up Barney. NOTE - the "belt" refers to a belt Barney bought for whoever lands a threesome first.]
Barney: All right Ted, if you're going for the belt, then the bylaws require me to ask the following questions. ONE, is the aggregate age of the participants under 83 ?
Ted: Yes
Barney: TWO - Is the aggregate weight of participants under 400 pounds ?
Tes: Yes
Barney: Theodore Mosby .. .. are you paying these women ?
Ted: What ? No!
Barney: Ted .. ?


ja ne =]