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Friday, December 4, 2009 @ 8:45 PM

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Okay so today I needed to get some wax for tmrw's soon-to-be awesome party, and I ddnt wna buy some cos I know I wont ever use it again. So I texted Lyn, she's been using wax in her hair for a while now and yeah I'm totally against it but she likes it so I'm happy =] Anyways she wanted to give me some but we couldn't meet up, I suggested for her to give it to her brother cos he goes to the same school as me. The little shit says he "cbf" ==" Cant believe he is more lazy than me =/

And so without any wax for tmrw, I was getting desperate LOL I asked Juntree cos he used to spike his hair back in year 9 although I wasn't too sure if he still had some but what the heck, I asked anyways. And he did! Excited I went to his house after school, and picked up the wax (got a bonus hair spray while I was there too LOL thanks Juntree!). When I got home, I started to .. lets say .. experiment ? LOL To much of my despair, my hair is still too long to spike =0 I guess Tracie didn't cut it short enough =/ ?

The other thing was the wax was sooooo fricken sticky! It was like glue or something, I seriously washed my hands 3 times, with soap, and they still stuck on my hand ==" Then I got into the shower and OMG .. took me 3 shampoo-ing and conditioning attempts to wash it off, and even then you could still feel it T_T

Lyn told me to come by later to pick up the wax if I still wanted it, and I thought I might as well go for a walk after dinner =) Yes I know, I'm thinking healthy =D So yeah, I walked to Lyn's house and LOL you wouldn't guess what I saw on the way there xD A fight ==" Yeah a fight, at first I was like "why are those 2 guys grabbing each other ? 0_0" Maybe they were mucking around LOL ? And then, one of the guys just headbutts the other guy 0_0 the guy who got hit ran off .. and the headbutt-er was apparently bleeding on his head .. LOL karma I guess ? XD

Anyways got to Lyn's, watched some multicultural videos, and apparently someone got me a brand new Gatsby hair wax for Christmas =3 THANK YOU LYN =] I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ^^ LOL I was not expecting that at all .. though was a lil unhappy when she told me the price ==' DONT SPEND SO MUCH ON ME LYN =( BUT THANKS FOR THE GATSBY =)

So umm .. yeah .. I'm gna go .. experiment .. now .. BYE! =D