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Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 10:12 PM

WMP: Loveless - Yamashita Tomohisa
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Okay sorry I ddnt blog about yesterday, I was up at 2 and still ddnt blog LOL I was tired =( But I'll blog about it now then I'll blog about today =)

Yesterday I woke up and my laptop wasn't working so I took it to my auntys place, she tried googling my problem and suggested it was just overheated ? But that cant be right, I mean I hardly use the laptop .. *angel face* and YEAH I WALKED PAST YOUR HOUSE AGAIN QUYEN! =) Did you see some asian guy, wearing bball clothes, and with hair that he just woke up in ? If yes, that guy was me =D

Anyways after we got it to work temporarily, we decided to watch a horror movie for old times sake =D We watched "Drag Me To Hell" .. and let me tell you, I was sitting there .. and it was literally "Dragging me to Hell" .. IT WAS SO SHIT .. >=( it was more disgusting than scary =="

Aunty and me were so disappointed .. and so we wanted to watch another horror movie but was still sorta on low spirits after being so disappointed .. so we watched G.I JOE! and man .. WAS IT EPIC OR WHAT ? GOD .. I must rate it as one of the best action movies of all time =) I LOVED IT AND MARLON WAYANS MADE IT SO MUCH BETTER ^^

and that pretty sums up my whole day .. cos I got home and talked to Jess, Kevin and Lyn till 2 LOL

Anyways today ? Well must be the shortest day I've had LOL 1. because I woke up at 1:30 and 2. because I had alot of fun today =D and you know what they say, times flies when you're having fun ^^

After waking up, I went to eat a meat pie for breakfast/lunch whilst watching Pokemon - The Rise of Darkrai .. I know right ? I have over 258 movies and I cant decide on which movie to watch .. and I end up choosing Pokemon ==" I didn't even watch the whole thing cos Kevin called me out to play some ball =) At this time, it was 3 ? Yeah, so I got ready and met up with him.

This time we didn't go to the school courts, instead we went to the park courts cos Tony was at tutor and we didn't have enough players yet .. I even called out Steven but he was busy and yeah .. so Kevin, my brother and me went to park courts, joined some guys that were already there in a friendly game =]

Man, those guys were good =( We played 3-on-3 and I was thinking to myself "I'm letting this team down =(" I didn't score at all T_T But got some assists and did one ankle breaker on this guy LOL and a couple of blocks but alot of fouls .. I'm so shit ==" I should give up LOL

We played a couple of games then it was already 6:30 .. 0_0 So fast .. We still wanted to go to the school courts so we jumped the back fence ^^" but this time it was different. We had my brother and we weren't really sure as to how we were gna get him over that 2.5 m barbed wire fence =/ We were at the fence for about 10 mins trying to get him over, in the end, I jumped over first to show him how then Kevin pushed him up, careful of the barbed wire and told him to jump =) Don't worry I was there to catch him =3 and that I did ^^ We got across and I have to say I'm proud of him LOL I bet he did it in the presence of Kevin xD If it were just me there, I bet he wouldn't have done it =/

Kevin didn't stay long, he was called back home after taking like one shot at the hoop ==" So yeah, Tony, his brother, my brother and me played a game. LOL! My brother played sorta good today, he put the ball through Tony AND Kevin's legs when trying to get pass them LOL I must admit I did not see that coming ^^ Nice work Jim =] I taught you well LMAO! Yeah I know, I'm so evil for taking credit for his work =3

We played till 8 ? and then we went home. Oh I almost forgot LOL! While walking, Kevin was wearing this shirt that looked like this ..

And my brother was like "Hey Kevin, why does the guy have 3 legs ?"


Anyways I just wna say CONGRATULATIONS TO FELIX! FOR SCORING AN AWESOME ATAR =3 He wont let me say his score but IM STILL PROUD OF HIM! =D CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! .. and if you're reading this, I'm never gna beat that score =(

Anyways I'm tired .. Gotta go to Parra with Jess and this french guy tmrws, who is supposedly 'family' but uncles are too busy so I'm taking him out to show him around =) Cos I'm awesome like that ^^

Oh btw Jess wanted me to mention somewhere that for the MSN list up top, shes been listed 5 times consecutively LOL! Congrats to you too Jess =)

ja ne =)