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Saturday, December 26, 2009 @ 12:34 AM

WMP: Loveless - Yamashita Tomohisa
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Merry Christmas everyone, even though its Boxing Day now LOL Sorry I'm a bit late with my posts these days, I get too caught up on MSN ^^"

Anyways what did I do for Christmas this year ? Well I have to say it wasn't very well planned out .. again ==" The deal with my family is that we last minute everything, last minute this, last minute that, it pisses me off T_T So today, I woke up at about 11 ? Cos of my phone ==" Uncle called me to get ready for yum cha, so I did .. slowly .. whilst yawning .. like I am now .. *yawn

So we went to that new yum cha restaurant in Cabramatta, the one near the hair dressing salon .. umm .. in that arcade next to Submerge ? Yeah that one LOL It lacked a variety of food that place, offering only around 8 dishes or so ? 0_0 And they all kinda taste the same LOL

After that, Dad was like .. so what do we do now ? ==" I ended up following my uncle and Pierre to go Coogee Beach LOL But first we went to this new fruit shake store in some arcade ? And I noticed a nearby store sold Gatsby! I bought myself a purple one cos you know .. I LOVE PURPLE =3 I also noticed it had the exact same wrapping as the one Lyn gave me but she said she bought hers online ? =/ Oh wells maybe thats the original wrapping then ? 0_0 I bought a watermelon crush one cos I LOVE WATERMELON =)

I let Phillip play my DS in the car cos he wouldn't stop annoying me about it T_T I was like "Yes Phillip hold on, I wanna finish my drink first okay ? " He's full telling me " I DON'T NEED YOU TO FINISH YOUR DRINK SO I CAN PLAY! >=( " .. Yeah I got screamed at on Christmas Day .. not only that .. but also by a 4 year old =="

So when we arrived at Coogee, it was windy, cold and raining .. as we had expected but Pierre wanted to take some photos nonetheless and thats what we did LOL As if I wasn't sick enough already =( Then we had some Subway and went back home. I played Professor Layton & The Diabolical Box on the way home =) I got stuck on this one puzzle and got really frustrated so I put it on sleep mode and went to sleep myself ^^"

I woke up later at around 6 something when we were near home. First thing I did was jump on net =D To check for merry christmas messages left for me *angel face .. and I actually got one LOL from Miah 0_0 didn't expect it LOL but I got one ^^ I had gotten about 10 texts yesterday and a couple in the morning that woke me up a few times >=( but its all good LOL EXCEPT FOR YOU GEO! IMA KILL YOU >=(

Then we all went to my uncles place for HOT POT! =) Uncles made me drink too LOL I could tell dad was getting pissed .. ^^" But I drank some Heinekin and some Midori =/ If thats how you spell it xD After I ate, I pretty much sat at my laptop for the next 3 hours cos my uncle wanted to steal all of my movies .. ALL OF IT =( ALL 268 MOVIES =[ Oh wells, he did take me to Coogee beach LOL

Now I'm just msn-ing with Jess and Lyn, about to sleep at my table *yawn ..

Good night loyal readers, sorry I havent been putting alot of Barney up but as awesome as he is, even he needs a christmas break =] Leave a comment =3

ja ne =)