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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 @ 9:20 PM

WMP: I Need A Girl - P.Diddy Ft. Usher
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I actually heard about this movie called "Paranormal Activity" last week but I heard it was rated R ? So I decided to wait for DVD release or ask if my aunty wants to watch it too. She watched the trailer and I quote "it's like the Blair Witch Project but indoors" LOL But yeah, yesterday I heard from my japanese teacher that its actually MA 15+ and now I really wanna go watch it, though there's no one who wants to come along with me =3 Some aren't horror fans, and some say the trailer was shit so yeah .. but its a horror movie and I just wna slap myself for not going to watch a horror movie during the October Horror Season =( So anyone interested ? ^^

OH! I forgot to mention yesterday but in my english tutor, there's a chick named Erika =3 And daaayyyyuuummm she fine ^^ Though she sits at the back somewhere and I'm near the front, so I never get to see much of her =( LOL No .. I'm not interested just because her name is Erika xD, I'm just innocently feasting on some eye candy =)

Today at PEAK, I actually stayed up the whole lesson ^^" I don't really sleep in class but I get really drowsy when sir keeps talking and yeah LOL We learnt the relativity of length which was fun cos I actually understand it =] Tien came to tutor today and she was rather early too surprisingly =S But yeah, she seems fine now though not really herself ? =\ I don't know, maybe shes not all better yet or maybe cos John Tran came to class today LOLOL Yeah I was pretty surprised at first and even more so when he waved at me *fangirl scream* LOL narh, he just saw me and remembered me =] And Tony agrees with me that he looks like Daniel Thim so =P at you LYN! ^^ OMG I forgot my homework cos I leave it in my school folder and I fully freaked out when I realised, Tien being .. well Tien giggled at me T_T" and Tony laughed cos I did more than him *hmph! But luckily it wasn't due today cos we haven't learnt relativity of length until today so yeah .. *phew =]

Anyways off to bed =)

Something Barney Would Say
[After stealing all of Ted's possessions, he calls Ted some time later]
Ted: "Hello ?"
Barney: "Put on the suit Mr Mosby"
Ted: "Barney I know its you, where's my stuff ?"
Barney: "It's not me, if you want to see your precious possessions again, put on the suit"
Ted: " What suit ?"
Barney: "Ding-dong, oh what's that ? The door bell ?"
[Ted begins to walk towards the door]
Barney: "That's the suit I'm talking about"
Ted: "I haven't gotten to the door yet"
Barney: " Oh let me know when you get there "
Ted: "Okay, I opened it and theres a suit"
Barney: "That's the suit I'm talking about"
Ted: "Barney .. "
Barney: "This isn't Barney, but I hear that guy's awesome. Okay listen very carefully, you 'll get your stuff back if you are able to complete a series of challenges, number 1, put on the suit. number 2, meet me at MacLaren's in an hour."
Ted: "How will I know who to look for if we've never met ?"
Barney: " .. .. *thinks .. I look like Barney "


ja ne =)