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Wednesday, November 4, 2009 @ 9:50 PM

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You know, someone once told me that dreams were a reflection of your inner desires. Of course when I say "dreams", I mean the ones that actually make sense, none of those "I-have-a-library-attached-to-my-room-with-dragons-inside" dreams. Yeah I know, I must have been eating a lot of candy before bedtime ^^"

But anyways, I'm talking about normal dreams. Dreams that make sense and leave you thinking. Those dreams. Reflection of my inner desires ? I never believed it one bit. I don't believe that I can dream about something that I want, unless its Toda Erika ones =3 But seriously, I dream about a lot of weird things, and it was this particular one I had last night that prompted this post.

I had dreamt about getting back with my ex.

When I'm awake and have my head on right, this has never crossed my mind. Ever. We've both moved on from the past, and hopefully respect that. I know I have at least. But why would I dream about these things ? This was not the only question that popped in my mind, there were others. What are dreams ? Why do we have dreams ? Do they mean something ? Yeah I know, we all think about these questions all the time, but do we ever come up with an answer ? If we do, I would like to know your thoughts on the matter.

In case if you're wondering, the dream I had last night, left me in a state of .. how do I put this .. what you would call confused ? Not so much confused in a sense that I would consider it, but in terms of spirit, if you know what I mean ?

They're called premonitions. I don't know the full extent or definition of the word but I know that it has to do with the future. Visions that depict a scene in the future is something my mind frequently employs to either play with me or tell me something. I've had many in the past before from small things to big things, for example, I dreamt a part of my grandfather's funeral 2 weeks before he had passed away. Its one of those things where you wake up and think nothing of it, but when you revisit that exact scene again, it becomes all too familiar and you remember.

Now I'm not saying that what I dreamt was a premonition. All I'm saying here is dreams screw with you, my opinion at least. Why can't we go to sleep and wake up 8 hours later (or 12 if its a Sunday =3) without having any fucked up dreams ? Why do we have to put up with nightmares and shit ? Why do people give sleeping that peaceful connotation when its not ? Why ?!

I'm sorry, perhaps I'm a lil stressed at the moment or maybe just thinking way beyond what is required =( I hate when I get dreams like those, they fuck with my mind and they fuck with everything else. I would much rather dream about dragons living in a library attached to my room every night than that shit. I really hope I don't get them dreams again.

Anyways I would still like to hear opinions on the concept of "dreams-fucking-you-up".

Please leave a comment, and good night to my loyal readers.

Hope you all sleep well tonight and every other night too.

Something Barney Would Say
Barney talking to Ted about his ex-girlfriend = " Give It A Week; You'll Get Her Back .. .. And Her Front "

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