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Sunday, November 15, 2009 @ 12:36 AM

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Mood: Sleepy as usual

Today I went to a wedding. YAY! Now before I start, Giovianni isn't italian LOL I thought that too but it turns out, its his Christian name and yeah. His viet name was something I forget LOL but it means "flower" ? But for the whole night, get this, his friends called him "Geo" as in "Gio" short for Giovianni and they called Yulen "Leng" I SWEAR TO GOD, YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP xD And there was like presentations saying stuff like "Gio&Leng Forever" Epic. LOL the reception was actually at the same place I had my Year 10 formal xD but the food is still crap =) The wedding was nice, friends giving their speeches, sharing their stories. They even made a presentation for the couple, it was the friends giving a short message or what they think of the bride&groom. It makes me wna get married like now, I wna hear what my friends would say LOL

Dalise texted me during the wedding, it had to be during a speech as well ==" LOL All you hear is the guy talking, and my donald duck ringtone going off LMAO but yeah, she wanted the download site for "BOSS", the drama that I was promoting earlier in one of my posts. She took my harddrive when BOSS only had 8 eps released, and now she wants the rest LOL but I got it from my aunty so yeah, she'll have to wait till monday ^^

Oh yeah, earlier in the day, I was at my cousin Phillip's house. He is about 3 I think ? He was playing Wii Play, and he asked if I wanted to play =3 So I did. And that little guy is PRO LOL Trust me, I did not expect him to get high scores, but then again he probably plays everyday =D Anyways I had to find out the hard way, when he beat .. wait .. owned me in this mini game, its like spot the odd one out ? There's like a group of people and you gotta find the odd ones out or some shit. I found like one or two ? He got like 18 or something ^^" Its not something I'm proud of so shut up =) But then, we played this shooting game, where I had to shoot down plates, you know like the Olympic sport ? Yeah, I was pwning him LOL and he wasn't too happy about it and goes " you get the bottom ones okay ? I get the top one. Don't shoot the one at the top. They are my one okay ?" As you may have guessed, the plates launch from the top and glide down. He ended up winning that one too T_T"

" You lose again! , how about we play this one next ? This one is easier so you can win"

LOL funny thing happened during the game where we played Find the odd one out. When it said "Odd One Out" I assume they meant the different one, the one that doesn't fit in with the rest right ? WRONG. It showed 4 people, 3 white people, and 1 black person. Yeah you can figure out the rest.. I'm no racist though, just a slight misunderstanding is all =3

Anyways the time is late. Ima jyuu-ni ji ni-jyuu-hachi fun desu. Night loyal readers =]

Something Barney Would Say

[In Church, praying that he didn't get this chick pregnant]

" God? It's me. Barney. Waddup ? I know we don't talk much, though a lot of girls call out your name because of me. Awesome. But if you could get me out of this, I swear I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever .. *phone rings*
*Barney's face lightens up*

*In the next scene, Barney is dancing down the street*

ja ne =]