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Saturday, November 21, 2009 @ 11:18 PM

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Man today was awesome ^^ Biology plus basketball = one happy boy LOL

So that pretty sums up my day really, I woke up at like 10:30 cos some real estate agent called ==" I ate my breakfast while watching NBA Street Series Vol 4 =) then headed off upstairs to do some homework =] I actually finished all my PEAK homework, my japanese booklet, and my biology report =3 From about 11:30 to 6:00, was homework, homework and homework ^^

Then at 6:05, got the phone call I was expecting all day =) Tony called me out for some bball =D He lives close by to our old primary school, and guess what ? They just got a new make over =] Complete with new hall, new bball courts, new canteen .. I swear it looks nothing like the school I went to back in the day LOL So we decided to jump the fence (not really jump, there's like a door in Tony's backyard that leads to the school so yeah LOL) and man oh man it is a sight to see ^^ Wish I took a photo but I just wanted to shoot some hoops right away man LOL Tony broke my pumper btw >=(

So after some warm up, we decided to have a game.

Welcome to Saturday Night Basketball, brought to you by T-Mobile, the latest touch screen phone out in the states. We have an all-star line up for tonight, with the best 1-on-1 match-up for this season so far. Representing the renown street ball team AND1, give it up for ALLAN =) and from the eastern conference comes Boston Celtics's very own TONY xD. The rules are simple, first one to reach 20 points is our winner tonight, regular 1-on-1 rules so standard NBA 2 points = 1 point and 3 pointers = 2 points, 3 timeouts allowed, 3 quarter game. Alright we are just about all set for the jump ball ..

Okay I'm not gna blog the game play by play so here's a summary ^^

1st Quarter
Allan - 12
Tony - 1

2nd Quarter
Allan - 15
Tony - 5

3rd Quarter
Allan - 17
Tony - 10

Allan - 20
Tony - 17

3 3Pointers (2Points each)
3 Field Goals (1Point each)
11 Points in the Paint
A bilzillion blocks
0 3Pointers (2Points each)
4 Field Goals (1Point each)
13 Points In the Paint
A bilzillion steals

Yeah we played for a total of 2 and a half hours, from 6 to 8 30. For the first 45 mins or so, I dominated as you can see LOL Then I pretty much used up most of my stamina, and Tony took advantage. He came all the way back from behind to 2 points behind me. I swear I was on 19 points for like an hour ==" My body was so worn out, I couldn't walk properly, my back was hurting =( But keep in mind, we have been playing for like 2 hours now and we didn't have any water too T_T And Tony went on a 6-0 run to give him two points behind me. Then we had a timeout, and I just needed one more point so I decided to give it all for one last bucket. My ball, shake'n'bake to the right, crossover move behind the back to the left, looked for a lay up but saw Tony coming back, so I pulled up and put in the jumper from top of the key and got the bucket. END OF ONE EPIC GAME.

LOL@ Tony and me, it was a good afternoon, although it didn't come without a price. Here's what I had to suffer while walking home ..

Okay it might not look like a big deal but I took this after showering so yeah, but its like swollen up now and looks like a normal blister but all red inside. So I'm thinking .. you know how normal blisters have that white liquid thingy inside when you pop it ? I think mine has blood 0_0" But whatever, I'll sleep it off =3

Well I just finished watching 2 Fast 2 Furious and I'm sleepy ^^

Good night loyal readers, Leave a comment =]

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Oh no .. I forgot to take a picture of the "unbuttoned vest" for Jess =( SORRY! I'LL DO IT TOMORROWS PROMISE =] *writes "take photo of unbuttoned vest for Jess" on hand*

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