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Thursday, November 19, 2009 @ 9:24 PM

WMP: Love In This Club Part 2 - Usher Ft. Beyonce and Lil Wayne
Currently: Waiting to go showers =]
Mood: Tired but awesome ^^

LOL @ today, which went from shitty and hot to awesome and well .. it was still pretty hot later LOL but yeah, you know what I mean =) I'll kick it off from the beginning ^^

Allan: [catching a few Z's after school]
*phone rings*
Allan: *sleepily* .. hello ?
Jess: What are you doing ? 0_0"
Allan: erhh.. sleeping ^^"
Jess: still good for tonight ?
Allan: yupp =]
Jess: alright get ready in 5-10 mins k ?
Allan: yupp bye
Jess: bye!

Okay let's back it up a bit, remember a few posts ago ? I said I needed to go formal shopping for an upcoming party and Juntree was supposed to come with me but he had a fight with his mum and wasn't allowed ==" But during the week, Jess said she was also going formal shopping on Thursday too so we planned to go together if her brother was driving LOL So yeah, that takes us to the phone call that woke me up >=( LOL

So I got ready and stuffed my wallet with money (cant look chat in front of Jess otherwise my nickname will stick forever LOL), then fixed my hair a lil cos I slept on it ^^" but yeah, didn't get the spikes back up in time =(

Jess and Steven (Jess's brother) went to pick up Tony P as well, umm.. I think he needed to buy an anniversary gift and yeah, he got in the car and was like "LOL Allan with us is kinda random", I don't really know what he meant but people laughed so I laughed too *thumbs up* narh I knew what he meant =3 So we ventured to Fairfield to a shop called .. "SUIT CITY" =) I swear the place looks really shifty LOL like a place for you know .. ahemillegalasianshitahem .. LOL narh the shop owners weren't even asian but they were nice =] So we shopped for Steven's stuff first cos I couldn't decide what colour I should wear. Jess was saying I look good in black, though I have a black shirt already (picture in post titled "CONGRATS GIOVANNI&YULEN").

Steven got a blue-greeny shirt with a black vest and a belt. He kept complaining about how Jess said the shirt was $30 (as advertised LOL) but it was actually $60, which was still pretty reasonable but Steven was trying to save up and plus we're asian so cant really blame us right ? LOLOLOL! OMG there was this epic and I mean *cough epic suit =] I should have taken a picture but I forgot to T_T but it was entirely green, like green suit, green pants, green shirt, and I think green tie but like different shades of green ? And yeah, we were just making fun of it, saying I look good in it and stuff ^^ Tony was complaining about how hot it was inside and how the place stinks LOL So I ended up buying a dark gray shirt, with a white skinny tie for ... wait for it ... $60. I know right ? LOL If I brought it at like Tarocash or something, it would have been $89.95 for shirt and $49.95 for a tie ==" but look at how much I saved ^^ Thanks Jess!

So whilst we were in the car, the boys were talking about fishing LOL and I was just like "This is totally going in my blog LMAO" and Jess made a list of things to blog about for me. Here's it is:

Near Death Experience
"Lucy Liu"
Angry Guy
Girl Checking Me Out
Talking About This List
"Constantly Epic LOL"

Near Death Experience
Okay, this was like the 2nd or 3rd time I had a NDE this month man I swear ==" remember the crazy driver that honked me ? T_T Yeah .. anyways we were near a traffic light, heading towards Liverpool. Steven was driving towards the lights at about 50 km/h and this fucking crazy cunt driving in a white Subaru Liberty was coming up behind us and just like sped right in front of us .. 0_0 .. and the only reason that I'm still able to type this up right now, is because of Steven =3 He practically had some sort of "sixth sense" moment and fully anticipated that it would happen, and so he broke like 3 seconds before it sped right by us. Jess was like "if you didn't brake Steven, I would had died LOL". So yeah, THANKS A BUNCH STEVEN! ^^ SHOUT YOU A PORK ROLL LATER =)

Lucy Liu
LMAO okay not really "Lucy Liu" but some chick working at .. Man To Man ? FULLY LOOKS LIKE LUCY LIU LOL!

Angry Guy
I swear this guy at the store "Reubenfscarf" or something fully gave us an attitude man. We were just browsing around for a vest to match my shirt, we actually found one at Suit City but it was $60 and Jess was like whispering to me "Let's buy it at Liverpool Allan LOL". Anyways he was all like "Well dear that depends on what outfit you have, nothing 'goes' with a colour, you could have something that 'works' with it. The only way you could have something that 'goes' with a colour is if it comes in a set. blah blah blah .. " Okay I know that sounds pretty good right ? But the tone that he said it in was like "Look mate, if you aren't buying something, get the fuck out of here", he even had the eyes going LOLOL!

Girl Checking Me Out
I forget what store we were in but we walked past some chick and Steven, Tony and Jess were like "Allan that chick was checking you out big time" LOL ? I didn't get a good look at her but Jess was all like "You could do better" or something ? LOL So yeah, I guess I still got it ROTFL

LMAO funny part of today was Tony and me had a slapbet, in which the winner of said bet gets to slap the loser instead of paying up in a normal bet. So the bet was we would run into Kim (Tony's girlfriend) whilst walking around Liverpool. And guess what ? We didn't =) So I won ^^ Jess was full reminding me about it on the way home, and seriously I forgot all about it ^^" and when I slapped Tony, she didn't see it LMAO! but yeah, SORRY! x)

Okay I actually counted the number of times Tony said "I have a pimple on my arse" or "my arse kills bro" LMAO it was 4 times. But seriously, how do you get a build up of oil there ? LOL

Talking About This List
While we were waiting for Tony's gift to be engraved, we sat and talked about the things I would blog about, this is when Jess compiled my list ^^ And we just talked about our awesome day together, it was seriously EPIC =D

Anyways I ended up buying a vest at Roger David for $70 LOL but it was nicer looking plus it was .. yeah .. nicer looking =3 I promised I would take a photo and post it up for Jess but I still haven't showered yet and yeah .. SORRY JESS! =( I PINKY PROMISE I'LL TAKE IT TOMORROWS ^^

OH YEAH I also brought my AND1 Shorts =) I'm a happy boy now ^^

LOL@ Steven's first late night, he said he cant stand waiting in line to get out of the car park LOL and he said if we had to wait, he is never coming late night again ^^" so we tried to get back to the car as quickly as we could =] And we forgot to go say hi to Angie, who was working at Muffin Break tonight. So when we were on the escalator, we looked back to see if she was still there LOL Tony was like " Yeah I see her " but Jess and me kept looking back and we couldn't see her ? =\ oh well, she is pretty short LOL

Anyways I gotta go shower nows =]

I'm not gna quote Barney tonight, this post is too long already ^^" SORRY GUYS! =)

Night, leave a comment! I know you will Steven LOL

ja ne =3