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Friday, October 16, 2009 @ 6:02 PM

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Okay so before I start my usual recount of my day, I wna rant a lil bit. That way, I can end this post on a good note, unlike some things in my life. Anyways, the topic shall be trust, as suggested by the title.

Trust is a very common thing nowadays, very much like a parcel in a game of "Pass the Parcel". It just gets thrown around, getting smaller and smaller, until the prize is revealed. However in my mind, there is no my prize. Trust doesn't get smaller, it gets bigger. So big that one day, it might have its own orbit around the sun. Now in light of recent events, my trust for the people around me have decreased dramatically. Whether it be parents, family or friends alike, they all seem to take my trust for granted, of course with the exception of a few.

I hate how I think I know someone but then, they just turn around and stab you in the back. I know this is a big time cliche but seriously, why the hell do you think I tell you these things ? So you can go tell others about it ? Fuck, it really annoys me, to the extent that I feel the need to review every single piece of trust that I have for everyone. I hate to think that the people close to me, are feeding information to others, be it gossip or whatever. I hate it. If you're reading this, you know who you are. I don't want shit like this to become between us, I know you are caring and have the ability to be a good person, but I like my privacy, respect it. I want to share things with you, and talk about it with you, but I only want to, because its you. Not someone else. You. Now if you cant handle it, tell me now. I don't want to tell you shit about me to eventually find out, its on the fucking first page of tomorrow's newspaper.

Okay I guess that's all the ranting for today.

My day was really awesome, I got to catch up with my cousin Steph =) She used to be really tight with Tracie and me but that all changed when she became an world-class athlete, going as far as the Olympics xD .. .. LOL of course I'm just kidding but she is pretty world class still ^^ (the term "world-class" has been used in the same context as with the word 'awesome') But yeah, we decided to let Steph take us around her local areas, since Tracie and me didn't wna go Livo or Parra T_T" So Steph took us to Macquarie Shopping Centre. I must say it is BIG LOL

But before I get to that, I wna comment on how awesome the newly built Epping/Carlingford Trainline Stations are. They are so modern and huge XD I cant even begin to describe how mind-blowing the design is, for you to really understand, you have to see it for yourself LMAO In fact, it was that awesome, Tracie felt the need to snap some photos xD unfornately, I don't have them with me ^^" I guess the only downside is that there are no bins T_T" I had just realised that at big stations, they dont allow bins anymore as they might be a potential "bomb site" ==" I ended up carrying rubbish with me all the way to Fairfield >.<

Anyways back to the point, Macquarie Shopping Centre is huge. With over 250 retail stores and a wide range of food choices at the food court, you'll be hard pressed to find another like it. Complete with its own ice skating rink, near the food court, which allows viewers to spectate whilst eating. Their newly built underground parking system has over 500 available parking spaces. Did I just promote something ?

The girls just went shopping and whatnot, I was just tagging along ^^ But it was interesting to see their opinions on different clothes and their prices xD At one point, we went into Tarocash to "browse" for something for me to wear to an upcoming event. The chick working there was really flirtatious T_T I just walked in, you know minding my own business, when I heard;

Chick: "hi, can I help with something ? My, my your hair sure is nice, its so straight *strokes hair* do you straighten it ?"
Allan: 'erhh thanks ? and yeah I do =3"
Chick: "Well it looks gorgeous on you honey"
Allan: "gee thanks ^^" "

And I walk off, to browse some more, turn around and see this;

Chick: "hi can I help you with something? My, my your hair sure is nice, *strokes hair*"
Guy: "Oh thanks, I use .. .."
Chick: "Well it looks gorgeous on you honey"

Of course my immediate reaction was T_T.

So yeah after we were done with the shopping and what not, we decided to venture home =) I realised Steph had tutoring at Troung's (if thats how you spell it ?) at Fairfields (LOL! I felt so much like surprising Tien again, after last time at Glenfield Station xD, but didn't cos I'm mature =3), and not only that, but she also goes PEAK on thursdays, but only for chem. Anyways we decided to bum around Farifield for a while since we were early and then we dropped Steph off at Troung's and took the train back to Cabra.

Oh did I mention Samsung were showing off their new design's for their flat screen TV's and had this display near Target =3 Its so awesome LOL

So yeah, that was basically my day ^^ hoped you enjoyed its =] leave a goddamn comment please ? LOL thanks for reading =3

Oh! I just wna say that Erika is so goddamn cute in "Boss" =3 shes just the most adorable girl ever XD and screw you steph for saying that shes "average, normal, not-as-great-as-you-make-her-out-to-be" T_T you're just jealous shes CUTER than you xP

ja ne xP