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Saturday, October 24, 2009 @ 3:52 PM

WMP: Daite Senorita - Yamashita Tomohisa
Currently: Reading "Hamlet"
Mood: Normal ? Not happy, but not sad ?

Its about 4 in the afternoon right now, and all I've done is PEAK homework T_T I didn't even finish it LOL where's Tien when you need her ? ==" Actually funny thing, shes been copying me these past couple of weeks =3 Do I feel smart or what ? xP but when it comes to the quizzes (OMG sir said he's gna give us one per week now .. .. fantastic.), I totally blank out =.= I know right ? LOL

Anyways I'm reading Hamlet by Shakespeare now since I didn't read it in class on Friday =D I was doing biology homework *thumbs up* Oh that reminds me, earlier in the year, I think around August ? We had a Biology assignment to do, some shit on bacteria where we had to write a report and make a A3 poster, and we got our results back ^^ I think I got around 91% ? 26.5/29 ? Yeah LOL Now I don't mean to brag but Miss said mine was so good that she wants to keep it xD Of course I agreed =3 but knowing me, it wouldn't have come without a price LOL I told Miss if you wanted my poster, you gotta give me something I want =D (If any of you are thinking dirty, FOR SHAME =.=) No, my cynical minded readers, I was simply AND innocently asking for more marks x) LOL not a surprise huh ? For those who know me, they would know that is my trademark =] Needless to say, she didn't give it to me xD But at least I tried =D

LMAO I should stop blabbing on about school cos I was supposed to recount my second day of driving ^^ well, lets just say, it .. contrasted with the first day ne ? LOL I did better this time I think, I actually drove on main roads this time, though I still need to work on my way of thinking LOL I still think the road is mine, and by that I mean not signaling when I turn, not driving in the middle of the road xP My perception needs working on too, I cant keep track of where I am on the lane LOL I always think I'm too close to the kerb or too close to the opposing traffic, if you know what I mean ? So I steer a little to the right, then a little to the right, then back again ==" Yeah, I feel sorry for the guy behind me xD If you picture it, I practically make the car move in a snake-like motion LMAO

My driving day was good, drove for about 2 hours and I'm still loving it =D Though it wasn't all good I must confess .. you see .. there's a roundabout near my house, and I was turning right to go home, I was waiting for the car on the right to go past first, but I look behind it and see another car, also going straight, fast approaching the roundabout. So I thought "I'll wait for that second car to go first" *thumbs up* LOL After the first car drove past, some Middle Eastern person behind me honked me. I was like "WTF?" and let go of the brakes. The car slid past the white line, and the second car was heading straight for me. I broke again, and the second car drove off. I was so scared xD I never got honked before LOL My dad was full pissed when we got home, saying I should have stuck my hand outside and give him the finger (yeah he's a road rager LOL) But yeah, stupid driver .. nearly got me killed =(

Anyways I'm gna go back to reading Hamlet. Thanks for reading again =]

Here's to wishing I don't have another Near-Death-Experience =) *cheers ^^

ja ne =3