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Friday, October 9, 2009 @ 4:36 PM

MSN: Lyn, Quyen and Felix
WMP: Make It To The End - Stevie Hoang
Currently: Talking about stalking and creative writing with Quyen LOL

Okay first of all, I wanna say that yes, I'm addicted to this song xD It's been on my playlist for like 4 days now, every since Lyn sent it to me =) It's so catchy and so .. I don't know .. romantic ? LOL whatever it is, I'm hooked =3

So my fellow stalkers, my day. I woke up at like 11 or some shit ? cos my little cousin from across the street, woke me up via door bell, just so she could give me the morning paper and mail. Okay yes it was nice of her and pretty cute, I s
uppose.. ^^" BUT! considering I havent had adequate sleep in 2 days, it can be annoying ><" But adequate sleep will have to come at a price for now, seeing as Allan&Ro's awesome webcam adventures keep me up ~all night long~ LOL. Here are some pics from our most recent conquest =)

So yeah, awesome night =3

Anyways, back to my what-felt-like-a-hangover-even-though-i-never-had-one morning x) I remembered that I had previously downloaded the last episode of "Orthros No Inu", and so I decided to watch it.. it was .. so .. sad ><" It was this close to making me cry *does hand gesture, symbolising small amount* For those who want to comment on the lack of testosterone that I have, go ahead. I can admit it, I'm a sensitive guy alright ? LOL I don't mind getting emotional in front of others =3 It's just something you gotta do you know ? There's a sad moment, your eyes will react, it's natural =) So yeah, after that I was still pretty moved by it, which led to me watch "Hana Kimi SP". It wasn't as funny as I had hoped but it did the job =D. And so began my epic afternoon, playing FIFA 07 with my brother, eating noodles for lunch, reading about Lote Tuqiri's possibility in playing with the Tigers next year and MSN-ing LOL. Here's an extract from one of my conversations xD:

` __мя. снат_воіі * ぼくの妹
が大好きだよ。 says (4:29 PM): stalking is such an ancient profession, dating back to the early stalking centuries it doesnt get the credit it deserves, with all the negative connatations it receives from media and society alike
Quyen says (4:30 PM): AGREED
- ` __мя. снат_воіі * ぼくの妹が大好きだよ。 says (4:31 PM): as times goes by, the art of stalking shall be continued to be ridiculed and considered as "bad" we, as the only noble descendents of this historic lineage, shall one day rise over this world and restore the the profound art of stalking back to its glourious days!
Quyen says (4:32 PM): hahahaha
- ` __мя. снат_воіі * ぼくの妹が大好きだよ。 says (4:32 PM): *ahem .. sorry LOL i think i just got possessed or something XD
Quyen says (4:32 PM): by a master stalkerer? LOL

As you can see, we were bored xD but Quyen is now doing her Italian stuff 0_0 and I'm gna go do some more PEAK homework =]

I might blog some more later tonight ^^
count on another episode of Allan&Ro Webcam Adventures tonight at 12am on SBS* =3

*Super Bored Speds

Ja ne! =]