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Monday, October 12, 2009 @ 8:35 PM

WMP: Endless Love - Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon
Currently: Thinking about stuff ^^

Well as the title suggests, I'm gna take you guys on a trip down Memory Lane. My Memory Lane.

But before I get to that, I wanna tell you guys about my awesome morning ^^ actually it would have been awesome if it weren't for that damned headache from yesterday ==" but regardless, it was still awesome =) why ? well because I actually woke myself up this morning, no phone calls about new HIMYM episodes or door bell ringing cos lil girls wanted to give me my mail LOL I woke up, looked at the clock which read 11:30, smiled to myself, and looked at my sex hair =]

I ate breakfast ( not really "breakfast" per se, since it was from a frozen dinner box LOL ) but it was yummy and thats what counts =3 Drank another cup of cappuccino (or cup-a-sugar as my uncle calls it since I put like 6-7 teaspoons of sugar =3) whilst watching Dr Phil 0_0 LOL It was actually pretty interesting though, he was promoting a new movie entitled "Not Easily Broken" which was about a broken marriage but told through the eyes of the husband. And yeah, it had one heck of a trailer xD it came out today in the US, but I wna watch it now =) For the girls reading this, watch this movie and maybe you'll see what a guy goes through every couple of days when its that time of the month xD

It then went to talk about a couple, who experienced same problems as the ones addressed in the movie, you know, girl flirts, guy jealous, fights, and shit. Okay maybe I could relate, but it was still interesting. I don't know if any of you guys watch Dr Phil LOL but have you seen how much ad breaks there are ? I swear the ad breaks are longer than the show itself x)

Dr Phil: And welcome back, we are here today, talking about the problems associated with a broken relationship and how to fix it, we have Chris and Christine, telling their story.
Chris: She would go myspace for like 3 hours every night, and flirt with guys ><"
Christine: He feels so insecure, but I'm not cheating, its been 3 years since I did, but he just can't see that I'm changed.
Dr Phil: So heres what I'm proposing, You guys need to get a divorce.. ( I was like "WTF Dr. Phil ? Nice advice you got there buddy T_T") and we'll be right back after the break ..

Nice. Real nice.

So yeah, nice LOL. It was now 2 and I decided to start my maths hw *sighs.. Tony said he might come over today, so I called to check if he still was. He wasn't T_T" So I decided to be the better guy =3 and go over to his house =] We "studied" for yeah about 2-3 hours, talking about random shit and school in between. OMG his brother made a HIMYM quiz and I failed .. I feel so shit man .. I feel so not worthy .. I feel so .. well .. yeah .. shit LOL But I guess it only made me wna watch some more and brush up on my knowledge =3

I remembered that I had left all my break-up stuff from my ex at Tony's later on in the afternoon, I decided to have a look, partly to take some home, partly to check if Tony went through it LOL narh I'm just kidding, Tony isn't that kind of guy =] But yeah, whilst going through all the things I had brought for her, it was really painful, seeing all the things that I had given her, all the things shes collected, all the lil things that reminded her of me were all there.

Every single one of them.

From the bus/trains tickets to the presents I had given her for special occasions, they were all there. As I sorted them out, her smell was present, as if sneering at me. I'm kinda surprised at how its been some time now and her nice, comforting smell was still there. It instantly brought back memories, although painful, they were still memories. Memories are something kept in your heart and soul, not in materialistic things. As much as you try to forget it, you wont. Cos I know I wont.

But yeah, I went home, carrying a bag full of stuff, hoping my parents were still at shops LOL and lucky me, they were =) So I left them in my room, and made some chicken nuggets for lunch. Funny story actually, I'm so bad in the kitchen that it makes Lyn look good xD Dad had left some plastic wrapping around the oven ( from that new tv for the kitchen I suppose ) and I hadn't noticed T_T As I waited for the nuggets to cook, the plastic began to melt .. T_T and by the time, I had noticed .. about 10 mins later xD .. it had already made a slimy home around the kitchen bench, dripping to the floor, but cooling as it fell, so it made that ice-cave-sculpture thingy LOL which was pretty awesome, though not-so-awesome if parents came home.. ><"

But I managed to clean it up =3 and yeah, ate my nuggets while watching a new movie I picked up from Tony's, "Van Wilder- Party Liason" anyone heard of it ? Funny movie =) then I showered and yeah. Dinner was great =] thanks mum ^^ which brings me to our trip to Memory Lane.

I decided to have a look at the diary she left behind. Spent some time reading through it too. It was kinda fascinating to go through the mind of my ex, looking at her reactions and thoughts of some of the lil things I didn't even realise I had done. She noticed many lil things like me tripping over pebbles or cracks in the ground and labelling it "cute" or recalling some stupid things I did on our date together .. x) Reading that diary, for the second time now, wasn't that painful as I had first thought, instead it made me feel sorta happy. Happy that we did have some good times, and not all of them were "I hate you" and such .. But regardless, it was good to reflect on those times. I kinda feel sorry for her, seeing as she wont be able to read this 5 years from now and shred tears on what I thought was a "Priceless Experience". I guess its why I'm listening to this song now.. it was our song. Precious memories was what this diary kept, and she decided to throw it away .. I guess those "precious memories" weren't so precious for her after all huh ? ^^" *sighs ..

Well I think I should stop blogging for the night, need to do some more maths ==" but yeah it was good to look back on some of the better days =3 I look forward to reading this diary again, many years from now and hope it brings back better memories ^^ But for now, must study T_T" LOL

Have a good night fellow readers and leave a comment ne ? thanks again ^^

ja ne =]