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Thursday, October 15, 2009 @ 4:41 PM

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My day wasn't that interesting today so ima post some random stuff about likes&dislikes in .. hmm .. let's say .. girls. Bear in mind that these are my opinions, should anyone be offended by it, you have my apologies, and are welcome to alf f4.

1. Preferably shorter than myself. I know some guys are crazy over "long legs" or "model-like legs" but that doesn't do it for me. Taller girls just seem evil sometimes, I don't know what it is, but I get that feeling sometimes 0_0 call me weird but they have long legs for a reason, whatever that may be .. =/ So yeah, short girls are my "type" ? LOL I guess I like that cutesy personality that most of them seem to have, others are abit scary. I've noticed that short girls either have an attitude or are just really cute =3

2. Normally I don't mind what kind of hairstyle they have, as long as it looks good and pretty on them =] but if I had to name a personal favorite, it would have to be pigtails ^^ I'm a huge sucker for them, as people around me have noticed already LOL Here are 2 of the preferred pigtails look for me =3

Pictures courtesy of Google LOL.

3. A controllable childish nature xD When I say 'controllable", I mean not so over the top you know ? She's gotta be mature and serious when the situation calls for it, childishness can be a little annoying at times, but that's what I mean by "controllable". No, I'm not a pedo T_T" but I like that cute and playful side of a girl =]

4. Clothes. I really like a girl who dresses like herself, but with that said, I hate that "look I have boobs" or "can you see my butt in this? yes ? good." style of dressing, its really irritating to me. Okay, sure its "eye candy" for single guys, but if that girl is your girlfriend, its not so funny now is it ? I guess the word to describe it would be .. conservative =3. Even though I really do go nuts for the typical school girl outfit ^^"

5. A sense of hygiene. Girls who don't tidy up after themselves are disgusting ><' I like clean and neat girls, and that applies to whatever possible. Their rooms, their eating habits (talking with mouths full is an instant turn off ><), cleaning routines etc. Neat and tidy would sum it up I guess.

6. LOL this may seem stupid, but a girl's way of laughing can be a deciding factor. Generally if I make a girl laugh, its a win for me. I usually go for the cute giggle, or even a smile, and that would be enough for me. However, I really find it annoying if they crack up, like REALLY crack up .. laughing their heads off in a manner that doesn't seem like a girl at all .. LOL I know I'm being picky here, but it just makes me feel weird ><

7. Optimistic girls. Happy = win. I like smiling people, makes me feel good and warm inside ^^ that goes with saying that the person smiling must have a full set of teeth, white teeth I might add LMAO. Being moody and emo all the time isn't a problem and I'm all for helping out, but if I have to deal with it on a daily basis, then it may become a burden.

hmm.. I cant think of anything else atm but I'll add it in if I remember ^^

btw for those reading this blog, please leave a comment or at least tag the cbox ? I wna know who reads my blogs LOL thanks =3
ja ne x)