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Tuesday, October 27, 2009 @ 9:14 PM

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Okay so let me break it down for you guys first, the setting ? English Tutor Classroom. The people ? About 40 students, ranging from 10th to 12th graders. What ? Random awkward moment ? LOL

Okay so I was sitting in class, during the break, and one of the students from the calls calls out to me.

Guy1: "Hey, my friend thinks you're hot"

To which I replied with a half ^^" and half =S face. It's like saying " errh.. okay ?" Like that.

Girl1: "umm.. don't take it that way yeah ?"

Okay, now I tried to make this sound as plain and simple as it can get, so you guys don't get the wrong idea LOL see .. it made me think. Made me think of why would Guy1 <--(LOL) say that ? I mean wouldn't you be worried that your friend would lose trust in you ? Why would you play around with something like that ? To be humiliated or embarrassed in front of a crowd of people, isn't fun. I would know. Put yourself in Girl1's perspective. Embarrassed, upset, betrayed, sweaty palms would be what she would be feeling, otherwise she wouldn't feel the need to say something like that to defend herself.

Words like "love" are thrown around so much nowadays, it would deserve the title "Biggest Cliche Ever". Don't get me wrong, I'm not picking on love. Love is a wonderful, joyous thing. Anyone would be lucky to even get a sniff of it. What I'm saying is, that without trust, everything falls apart. I think the real "love" is trust itself, for someone to truly love someone, complete and total trust is required. If not, then you can very well forget about love. See, that's the thing I'm trying to get at. Love is only wonderful and joyous if you deserve it, by obtaining someone's complete trust is not something that anyone can do. Never ever take trust for granted.

Trust is a subtle thing, a fragile fragment of the heart. But it is this fragment that leads to something great. For those who have trust in others, they will know that it takes a large amount of effort and time for them to obtain it, however only a soft poke at it and it will shatter like a glass statue. You may try to repair it, but is it really the same as before ? With the cracks still visible under the 4 coatings of superglue, I don't think so. After all, superglue can only hold so much.

Sorry for the seriousness of the post. I didn't intend for that but it would seem I get very tense and serious about this. It is something I hold onto very dearly, those with trust in others are brave people but in saying that, I'm sure their bravery will be rewarded, with love that is. So for the people who claim to "love" someone/something, please think about what this post says. It will only benefit you, and guide you to not take the shortcut for everything cos you will find that the longer path is a more fulfilling one.

Only a select few will understand this part so don't worry if you don't get it. Like I said, "Trust" is something I hold very close to my heart, now you truly understand what " T " means.

Anyways I think me ranting on about life and issues is more interesting than my usual day ne ? I don't know, but if you rather me rant about this sort of thing, let me know. Otherwise I'll talk about my day and throw in these rants every now and then =]

Oh "bee-tee-dub" I think I'll add something at the end of my posts from now on =3 Something Barney would say.. LOL that's a title in itself =)

Something Barney Would Say
"I can't believe I'm taking sex advice from Ted Mosby, that's like taking fashion advice from .. well Ted Mosby"

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