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Saturday, October 31, 2009 @ 11:28 PM

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Okay, so it wasn't really Tracie's birthday today, but her party was today ? And we sung "Happy Birthday" and everything, so it counts xP And OMG it took me like 45 mins to do my hair T_T I had to hair spray every single spike cos SOMEBODY, who needs to give me some wax, hasn't been coming to school >=( But here's a picture =]

Wow.. today was a blast ^^ I had fun, and though to be honest, I didn't think I would =( I mean, there was no one there that I knew, cept for family and that. All of them were Tracie's friends and I had brought along my good friend "Mr. HP Pavilion Dv5" just in case I was gna be bored. And you know what ? I didn't even use it .. that much LOL I went on briefly just before lunch, to check the scores of the "Suns VS Warriors" game and the "Lakers VS Mavericks" game. After that, some of Tracie's older uni friends wanted to use my laptop so I generously allowed them to do so =3 .. even though I didn't even hear a "thank you" T_T" .. old people these days x)

Anyways Tracie asked me to bring my PS2 to her friends could play singstar since she didn't want them to be bored LOL Little did I know that tiny contraption would become the "life of the party" xD We basically played that one game for 5 or so hours =] LOL I didn't win a single round LOL! but i came close =) several times mind you =] On the song "My Happy Ending" - Avril Lavigne, I got 8460 and Tracie got 8480 =D

Tracie has good friends ^^ Hilarious but not-over-the-top like Cherish, talented yet high-and-mighty like Emma, or random though cool like Christina =D They made her a DVD photo montage thingy, which reduced her to tears. It was a nice sight =) .. no not the sight of Tracie crying but the sight of Tracie crying of joy that she has such great friends ^^ The DVD composed of about 15 mins of random photos collected throughout their years together as best friends =] With songs such as "Graduation (Friends Forever) & Sexy Bitch" playing as BGM, it probably was the best present, in my opinion ^^ It even had a lil segment with Christina and Michelle singing their own version of "Happy Birthday" recorded via webcam too =3

The cakes were nice, ice cream one and a chocolate one =] However I am disappointed there was no sight of the immensely popular taro cake ^^" The ice cream cake made me feel fat after having like 2 bites 0_0" Oh did I mention that Tracie also has nice neighbours too ? They spammed sushi, like literally, spammed LOL They brought like 3-4 platters of sushi, all arranged nicely in a pattern and the platter wasn't really a platter but a traditional Japanese sushi-holding-box thingy =3 It was oishii desu~

So yeah, what can I say ? It was an awesome party, made possible by yours truly =] I had honestly thought I was just gna sit in one of the rooms playing little fighter 2 or watch a movie on my laptop since I had no previous affiliation with any of her friends, but instead I had a great day =D Playing singstar, getting owned by Emma, demonstrating how "it was done" with Cherish, breaking my voice cos of "Baby One More Time" .. yeah totally worth it =)

I'm gna train for the next 2 years since Tracie said she'll make another party for her 18th I presume, and take back my rightful place as "Singstar Legend" *heroic pose* xP

LMAO @ Christina for getting owned by my brother Jimmy in "Sexy Love - Neyo"

Anyways I just wna say thanks Tracie for a great party, and thank you to her friends for making it great =] Let's do it again sometime =D But this time, the singstar scores will be a lil different ay Emma ? >=)

Well its time for bed now I guess, good night loyal readers =] leave a comment! ^^

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