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Saturday, October 10, 2009 @ 11:21 PM

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Well today was one of the best days ever =3 I haven't had so much fun and so much laughs in a long time. And it's because I got to spend the day with my two childhood friends, Felix and Geoffrey =) I don't spend much time with them nowadays cos my parents moved houses when I was 5, and I barely have time to go there anymores ><" but yeah, I cant imagine my life without them =3 ILOVEYOUFELIXANDGEOFFREY ^^ (Geo, if you're reading this, fuck you LOL I'm not gay, its called brotherly love =3)

So my day began at 10am, when I needed to pee =3 I got changed and packed my laptop. Did my hair for about 10 mins T_T cos my grandpa was kissing my ass, telling me to hurry up as he was gna take me to Simon's birthday party. So I did my best ( not really ), and got in the car. As we arrived there, there were cars outside the house, but I wasn't sure if Felix was home since he has like 4 cars ==" but anyways, I got out of the car, called Felix, found out he was yumcha-ing at Golden Star Palace, sighed, turned around and didn't see my grandpa's car .. >< I decided to walk to Cabra, not a big deal right ? WRONG. I was carrying my laptop and some textbooks to return to Felix so yeah ..><" I ran into a dead end once .. ended up at some Russian Cult thingy LOL! Arrived at Golden Star Palace and saw Felix =) He told me to come eat, so I did, little did I know that his mum wanted to me eat everything ><" but it was nice of her, shes really nice and funny now LOL even though I don't really remember talking to her when I was smaller xD At 12, Simon had finished tutor early, and was raging at how Felix didn't come pick him up yet LOL So Felix and I went to pick up the cake, and drove to Fairfield, picked up Simon (who was feeling better cos he saw me *angel face*), then dropped him at home. Felix and I went on another adventure after I forgot to bring a ball pumper ><, so we went back to Cabra to buy some drinks and look for a ball pumper, and Woolworths didn't have any so we continued our journey to Fairfield Neeta City. Did I mention how pro Felix is at reverse parking ? =3 *envious face* Anyways we went to Big W and looked for a ball pumper, when we found where it was located, Felix had a choice to buy either the normal manual one for $11 or an electronic one for $39. No prizes for guessing which one he picked LOL Obviously he picked the "expensive-er" one xD then he brought a gaming keyboard and mouse for Simon's birthday =] And as we were about to venture home, we saw an EasyWay store at Neeta City. At first I was shocked, I mean Fairfield ? Its like Lebo central there, what kind of lebo/middle easterner drinks EasyWay ? LOL could you even imagine that ? A Lebo holding an EasyWay cup in their hands ? LOL!

Please excuse the racist jokes, I'm still a lil high from today ^^". Anyways I brought a .. (again no prizes for guessing what I brought xD) TARO MILK TEA =D but not pearls, cos I heard its bad for you ? LOL Felix brought a lychee shake with rainbow jelly 0_0 LMAO Then we went back to Felix's place, a couple of people came over while we were gone.

Okay I think I should stop giving every single fucking detail LOL I just realised I typed more than enough when I previewed this blog XD

I'll give the significant parts of my day from here on out =D

So yeah, Felix and I talked about shit until Geoffrey and Steven came over =D at 3 .. T_T" then we just sat there, at the kitchen reminiscing about how I didn't get invited to their parties xD (inside joke dw bout it too much LOL) Then I pwned Geo in table tennis (chyeah =3 ), played some bball, then I tied my fringe up cos I was sweating and the guys wouldn't stop giving me shit about it ==" (immature cunts xP) Then I stayed in Felix's room, with Geo and him, playing Counterstrike (which I won again .. naturally =3), playing Little Fighter 2 ( No prizes for guessing who won xD), tried to play Dota but couldn't host ><" Then Geo was bored and drew this on Felix's comp xD it made me crack up so much ^^ here's the picture =3

Felix said it looked a lil white, so Geo coloured it in xD Here's the modified version xP

After that we hacked into Felix's facebook and change his display picture to this xD LOLOL! it was so funny =) Hi5! Geo =D
Then we watched some funny clips ( you know what I'm talking about Geo LMAO) and laughed our heads off xD started dancing and shit =] it was awesome ^^ Then we ate Felix's mum's Spagetti and OMG its like the best spagetti EVER ><" I WANT MORE PLEASE =D then we played some more bball until the ball went over the fence, I wanted to be hero and get it back but Steven was like " i wouldn't if i were you, the lady that lives there has a shotgun" and I full believed it ==" ( yeah i know.. I'm gullible T_T") So we went back upstairs for abit, when I went to the bathroom and saw a dead fish on the floor of the toilet .. 0_0 I told Felix about it and he was like " I guess that one was still alive when I flushed huh ?" LOL! but you do not know how scary it was, to see a small fish on the floor, whilst peeing xD After watching some Russel Peters, we went to M9 Skirmish Lazer Tag at Villawood, via two 4wds, driven by Felix and the other by his cousin Erika (HAWT NAME =3). It was so funny, cos they ddnt know the way and Felix was like leading them to all these places, doing 360's on a roundabout, and eventually losing them xD When we got there, they were still lost LOL After they got there, I played one game of MT cos someone put a dollar in there and left it ? xD Me, being cheap, decided to take advantage of it LOL! Lazer tag was alright, Geo and me scored the highest on our team =3. Then after another awesome yet dangerous trip home ( Felix driving like a drunk cunt, and Erika honking every 2 seconds, and Me sticking my head out the window, screaming "People have work tmrws! You'll wake the neighbours! FUCK!" LMAO), we decided to cut the cake =3 but my dad was there and was pissed cos he had work and need to go home now.. ><>.>

So yeah, sorry about the long-ness of this blog, for those who actually read it entirely, I salute you ^^ Btw here are some awesome video of our bball game and Geo being a dick =="


OH YEAH! I forgot to mention, Felix threw a bball at my face .. again .. T_T" SECOND TIME FELIX! hurt like hell ><" got headaches when i filcked my fringe LMAO

anyways ima call it a night =D I had an awesome time today and thanks again for reading ^^
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