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Wednesday, October 14, 2009 @ 1:13 PM

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*laughs at 2008 Allan* Okay, I'm gna share a really embarrassing moment of my life with you guys xD Picture me =3 naked .. narh just kidding, back in 2008 XD A car parked in the middle of the road, outside a quiet neighborhood cul-de-sac. Uncle gets out of car, to help with some inquiries inside
the house, but leaves car engine on. In the distance, a male voice can be heard "Allan! Move the car to the kerb for me, this might take a while!". The boy begins to feel high levels of perspiration on the palms of his hands. He puts foot firmly on the brakes, as if squishing an insect. Puts gear box into "D", slowly lefts go of brakes and car begins to move .. "OH FUCK ITS MOVING ><" Boy slams foot on brakes, the insect did not survive.

Okay this may not seem like a big deal to you all, but I thought driving was gna be a piece of cake and was ever so confident about it. Until that day. That day, that very moment, has taught me never to underestimate ANYTHING xD but yeah, my family had just witnessed the moment where an excellent role model, who was an inspiration to all (LOL?) fell to his knees T_T"
had gotten my "L's" about 4-5 months ago now ? but never had the chance to go driving, dad working and tired, me doing hw .. >< you may think "he's just a pussy LOL" but I actually wanted to go, I was excited and everything, just never got the time to *angel face*

Anyways so today was my moment to step up, to restore my reputation, to regain my self confidence. It was my moment of redemption. And with that, I bobby-pinned my fringe to the side, grabbed my license, and got into the devilish contraption they call a "car"... My dad took me to a huge vacant carpark to learn the basics first, it was alright I guess. LOL okay I admit, my MT (Maximum Tune) habits did kick in ^^" with me, flooring the accelerator xD, heavily tapping the brakes, and thinking the road was mine, not looking behind me or giving signal
s when turning LOL yeah .. my bad ?

Anyways we just did some "driving" for about 30 mins until I got the hang of it, then my dad told me to drive home =3 LOL I was ready to give it a go.
Man I hate how I keep pressing on the accelerator too hard, cos it wastes petrol and it makes the car choke a lil T_T" so I try to slow down, look in the rear mirror and see at least 6 cars lining up behind me .. ==" I still need to work on my turns LOL I go into a tur
n real fast, hoping the car will follow through with an epic drift or something ? heh hehe .. guess I should stop watching so much movies ^^"

But yeah, apart from the couple dozen near-death-experiences, it was awesome =3 LOL Already looking forward to driving again soon =] Hope to hear some responses from
ya'll =D Tips and criticism alike are fine with me ^^

btw did anyone notice the Erika Toda picture =3 ? I ddnt know which photo I should pick but I narrowed it down to these ones and wna ask for your opinions =] much appreciated ^^

ja ne =)