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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 @ 10:07 PM

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YAY~ I finally finished watching the last episode for "Boss", a popular detective drama hosted on Fuji TV, staring Amani Yuki and Erika Toda =3 I swear its the best drama I've watched by far ^^ its so manipulative, in a sense that it plays and toys with your emotions xD In a good way though =) The sudden twists that are thrown at you towards the end of each episode will definitely catch you off guard and leave you in awe. I can honestly say this is my new favourite drama, and that I give my full recommendation to any drama people, who are interested in crime solving stuff but even if you don't, this drama will make you like it LOL Trust me, its that good =) .. and I'm not just saying this because Erika is in it x) but shes super kawaii~ in this one ^^ Check my previous post entitled "Is This Love ? =3" for pictures if you haven't already seen them =]

Anyways, nothing much happened since my last blog I guess ? School is now back on and I'm currently not feeling the pressure of the HSC .. yet. I suppose it has to do with the fact that I have now totally neglected my maths hw xD I have about 4 chapters remaining ==" and more to come if I just leave it there .. T_T But I'll will attend to it soon don't worry *thumbs up =]

Oh English was a pain .. again .. well firstly, my teacher isn't a teacher xP she just gives handouts and reads them, word for word. If you call that "teaching" then I guess I can be a professor at uni T_T" We have to buy a stupid hamlet book from Dymocks, to better understand the Shakespearean language. Hello ~ we've done fucking Shakespeare crap since we started high school == and you still think we don't know how this guy talks ? Talk about splashing hot water on the face =.=

We're doing circle geometry in maths now, its abit year 9 and 10-ish but I get the feeling that its gna get harder ... much harder o.0" hooray for more homework .. *sigh

Biology is fine I guess ? Minus the student teacher we have. I'm sorry if I seem slack/mean, but I'm just merely expressing my opinion here. You wanna become a teacher ? That's fine with me. You wanna teach part time for experience ? That's also fine with me. But. We're a senior class, a class going into our final years as a student. Meaning we'll be sitting the most important test in our lives, for some people that is. If you wanna put my future in jeopardy just so one student teacher can gain "experience", then fuck off =.= Again, sorry for being slack, but its how i see things. I really want Ms Prins back =3 I'm pretty sure most people in the class will agree with me on this one.

So our Japanese teacher got pregnant, and our replacement wont be here till next week. I've been using that time to do physics and bio homework and yeah, relax for abit =] Apparently our sub teacher, who is supervising us, has a Masters Degree in 4U Maths 0_0 I know right ? LOL Tony asks me to give her some of his homework so she can do it when shes bored looking after us xD He even has her teach him sometimes, and I quote "In terms of explaining concepts, she is definitely better than Mr Dinh" LOL

Chem, I will drop after this week, since the forms need to be finalised but my teacher is really giving me guilt treatments all week. Saying stuff like "I really hope you'll stay" *puppy eyes ==" I have no intention of continuing with chem next year, but shes really on my case about it and for those who know me, I like to have a friendly bond with teachers =) please dont think wrong ==" you sick people xD but yeah, I'm really sensitive when it comes to .. how do I put it .. rejecting people ? Like with my chem tutor, I would joke around with her all the time, and over time I guess we became somewhat friends ? It was really difficult for me to tell her that I'm no longer gonna attend her classes ^^" yeah call me a wimp or sissy but that's who I am =3

Anyways I should sleep *yawn =)

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