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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 @ 11:07 PM

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So in case you're wondering, BLAH stands for Brandon-Lyn-Allan-Harry =) We came up with that in year 10 cos we're awesome xD but yeah, we decided to go out today for old times sake since Lyn moved schools *glare LOL jst kidding =3

Anyways I woke up at like 9:50 cos of my brother .. T_T but then, it gave me enough time to get ready =] (LOL @ Tracie for tryna wake me up at 10:30 by pranking me) Drank a cup of cappuccino and got ready, we missed the first bus since my mum wasn't ready ==" so we had to sit there, for 20 mins, while the wind was launching direct assaults on my hair .. and I was powerless to stop it >< stoOpid mother nature ..

When I got there, Lyn and Brandon were at Tway, waiting for Harry T_T" while I went to eat some McDonalds =3 Tracie was still at home ( we had planned to meet up ) ><"Harry never showed so Lyn and Brandon came inside.

Whilst I was eating, Lyn and Bran .. ( okay I'm gna call Brandon = Juntree now cos I'm more used to that LOL ) Juntree came and ate with me, and HARRY CAME ? LOL Surprise surprise ? xD

We spent like 15 mins, contemplating on which movie to watch, cos Lyn wanted G-Force, Allan wanted a horror movie, Harry wanted a porno, and Juntree wanted Fame.. I don't know how he did it but we ended up watching Fame .. T_T

It was okay I guess, but I was worried about Harry, I mean he isn't the type of guy to watch this kind of movie .. >< but I'm surprised he stayed till the end. I was kinda picturing a runner LOL Lyn and I clapped for every performance in the movie and Juntree was like tryna stop us, cos he was embarassed or something ? ==" I actually wna download the OST =3 Go watch it if you're interested in PA (Performing Arts) =]

After the movie, we went JB-HI-FI, EasyWay, Toys-R-Us, Priceline, we bummed at all of them LOL Only Juntree brought stuff from the shops xD Yeah hi5! to the tightarses =) Then Harry chucked a runner.. 0_0 cos he thought it was 5 ? and yeah, we sorta chased him, though it was really me who chased .. the other 2 were complaining about being fat and unfit ..

Allan: *runs Usain Bolt Style =D
Lyn&Juntree: Go On Without Us .. Just GO! and dont look back!
Allan: T_T"

Then we caught up to him at the bus stop, and told him it was only 4 LOL So we bummed at EPI, Harry&Juntree wanted to DOTA, Lyn wanted to Guitar Hero (but im so shit LOL), I wanted to MT (not really, I felt like sleeping =3). Harry&Juntree failed since they couldn't host, so Harry told me to COD (Call of Duty - Modern Warfare) with him. So I did, cos I'm a good friend =3 LOL But he returned the favour with a knife kill >< To which I replied with a 5 kill streak xP HA! suck on that Harry! =]

Soon it was 5 and we caught the bus home, one by one we got off. When I got home, ate some nuggets and got ready for tutor =] Went tutor, came home, showered, and is now blogging =]

I know I left out alot of stuff, but I wanted to cut down on my blogs since I noticed that they have been getting increasingly longer with each post LOL but yeah, fun day I suppose =]

Good nights loyal readers =3 thanks for reading and leave a comment =]

ja ne =3